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Finally on Scorched Silence

Okay yesterday, as I figured, took a bunch of time to get my site updated. I love the blocks WordPress has, but for some reason things work much slower, especially when trying to update my all books page. When I have to move information, or copy and paste, then I have to save the page and reload it. So it takes a good few minutes to do simple switches.

Love the blocks, love the columns, don’t love the slowing down. That’s a continual gripe I’ve had with Facebook using that popup box. I only ever needed to get on, post, get off. So when they made the “fancy” popup box, it slowed things down. What used to only cost us a moment to do, now costs a few. That’s a few wasted that I could use for other things. Hence I began posting less. Time is limited. I have other goals in life besides posting to social media.

And something I’ve noticed as of late is that sales do better when I’m not actively on socials a lot. Not sure why. The “elusive/mystery” trigger in brains? The focus it causes on my work versus me? I’d love to know your theories if you’ve figured it out, but either way, I’ve seen that as a positive. So weird random thought popped up, but I’d be curious to know if you’ve found similar to happen. Not sure when I will reactivate my socials. Just really don’t have interest right now.

So today I am getting started on Scorched Silence. I will be inputting the changes from paper to digital, and it is officially in edits. And I just realized I have to update homepage so lemme pause this to do that.

Also to tell mention I removed the menu from the homepage at the front because it’s not allowing me to update it. So I have the one in the sidebar, or the best bet is to peruse my all books page – All Books to find all the books. In caes the sidbar menu acts up. I’m getting to the point that a lot of my menu issues are strictly from having so many books.

You got an idea on how best to fix that, I’m all ears. Meaning – the best way for new readers to navigate and see all the books I have up with a quick shortcut style menu. This is a wordpress . com site, not self-hosted. I’m working on a tight budget for now so I keep to as low cost as I can do for self.

I just realized too after updating all that stuff, that I had to update the covers. Instead of doing all the covers at once, I was thinking it would be a great idea to do them as I edit. Know what’s helpful when doing so? Welllll remembering that. So I got the covers updated, and also realized I had a different version in the works for Charred Wings, so got that fixed.

I was going to go into the Sofrir story I’m currently working on, but now it’s 3 pm and I have GOT to get some of these edits in. I’m at 37,139 written words in Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III.

Posting this and doing some edits after a pause for water.

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