Uh oh. So what did we find out?

Well. Today was a very interesting day. I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. Do I ever though?

Mila was busy figuring out how to help Kat after this latest vision. She explained that Kat wasn’t being drained of blood with these visions so why would she think that it was blood that would help her heal? Mila helped Kat to understand that something was feeding off her energy.

So how to find out what that was? Well, always being guided by instincts, and trusting them, Mila figured she would go into Kat’s memories and play a bit. I really didn’t think about how the scene would play out, but it was almost like a virtual reality moment, which was fun. Mila was discussing things with Kat, but it was Kat in the memory (and vision) speaking to her.

It was as if she was in two worlds at once, as well as Kat. While I wrote, I even thought how fun it would be to see that in a movie. I’m sure there are plenty out there with themes of that, but this was my story, and a thought I had of how it would appear. Honestly how it was written, I can’t think currently of movies that it’d be in. But I’m sure there are those out there.

Moving on.

Once inside Kat’s head, Mila figured out that something was off about the cabin. Because she’d been kept at that same cabin for a while, she knew what it looked like. I believe that truly helped her out in this case.

She was able to see that the cabin was different. Something was missing. Something was off.

Only . . . without going into spoilers, she discovered a connection she thought long since dealt with. One in which she proved without a doubt, she is Mina. Because nobody would have a reaction to what Mila found out but Mila. And then the King and Queen of the Awakened were able to see exactly what the Enchantress was capable of when she lost control. That was where I left the writing off at today. The only reason Mila calmed herself after seeing what she saw was because Stefan stepped in and reminded her what would happen if she lost control.

She’d place him in harm’s way.

Nobody else in that room had to worry over Mila losing control over her power except for a pure-blooded Lycaen. And who purer than a King? The first, original?


Then we see this

Finally he snapped, “You will hit me,” he growled bringing the entire room to a standstill.

Mila’s hands flew to her mouth. She took in the window, Stefan, window again. Memories of him burning on the ground, split in half by a lightning bolt flooded her mind, dragging her back to reality. Her eyes widened. Her cheeks bloomed in shame.

“Oh god, I’m sorry.”

Because she remembered what happened. That was a pretty intense scene. Curious how it’ll play out.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 32,999

Ended today at – 35,669

Total word count for today – 2,670


About to help the Queen

Before I get into the story from today

I wanted to mention that I finalized the paperback files for The Culling Cycle just now. Needed just a few minor adjustments with the interior pages.

Update on Cheyenne

Here is a live shot on how little miss is doing.

Hard, hard life.

Needless to say, she is tucked under a blanket next to me, and on top of another. That is Kona’s blanket she is on. She is good. I took her shirt off so that’s why she’s tucked in. Her wound is good. Saturday will be ten days and at that point, she can get her stitches out if we want. We usually wait just a few more days, toward the 14 day mark. So about the 12 days. Depends on the wound as well. Hers is looking really good.

Man I’m tired today. Feel like I could lay down and sleep for centuries.

On to the story

Mila got a taste of what happens when Kat gets a little cranky. At least what has been happening with Kat. I found a line particularly interesting that I wrote. That was Kat telling Mila that when Kat gets that bad, Julian is the only one who can control the Queen, and keep her from attacking someone.

What I found interesting about that line was how within I felt like it was premonitory in some ways. It didn’t just feel like Kat was saying it to Julian and then nothing would come of it. Instead, I wrote it and then within I thought that it may prove important later on. Maybe Kat is going to overreact and the Queen will come out, attacking for whatever reason, and Julian will have to use his will against her? I’m not too sure, but it was something that triggered a reaction within me.

So you heard it here, first.

If something comes of it, we’ll see. I didn’t have plans for Kat like that, but she will do what she will do.

At this point, there is no denying that Kylarra was kidnapped so Julian, Kober, Cage, Stefan and Mila, are going into an action plan. They have to first find out who is behind it. I left off with Mila coming to the understanding that she may know a person who can provide more information, or who potentially is behind the kidnapping. That is what set off the reaction in Kat.

Stefan and Cage were asked by Julian to go back to Lycaen Ridge to see if they can scent out anything unusual that may help them. I don’t think they’re going to run into Verrick. I highly doubt he will want to race home to find Kylarra. And there my mind goes tapping into what may come in the third book. I may keep to the rewind of time before the story continues.

Like how I started this book, Discovery of an Enchantress, I rewound time and picked up at the end of Claiming an Enchantress, with Mila and Stefan. Well, while I was writing the above, I was thinking that the final story in the series may pick up when Kylarra is kidnapped (or soon after), but the main brunt of it will pick up where Verrick is about to visit Kat and Julian, or just after perhaps. But then again picking up after Kylarra is kidnapped is even more fruitful since there is probably a lot going on with her, where she is at, and what has been happening with her that we’re not seeing.

Surely she’s been picking up on those moments where Kat taps into her? Even when Kat has one of her visions of Kylarra. Kylarra can feel someone there. Maybe she knows it’s her mother? Dunno.

But right now, Stefan, Mila, Julian, Kat, Kober, and Cage understand that they need to find out who took Kylarra, and why. They are assuming it’s just for Julian, but is it?

I don’t believe that the only reason.


Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 31,626

Ended today at – 32,999

Total word count for today – 1,373

A little annoyed

Okeydokes so I figured out why the desktop is working so slow. For whatever reason it’s doing it, the desktop has been connecting at the 2.4 band, and it’s only connecting me at 57 mbps or so. Needless to say, that is very slow and sluggish. Not sure why suddenly it’s been doing that. There was a Win 10 update recently that the computer went through so there is a very likely chance that messed everything up.

Either way, I got fed up and just attached my large desktop monitor to the laptop for the time being. Usually when I’m working for the day, my intention is not to sit around and piddle with the computer. It’s a quick fix, I’ll delve into it more on the weekend, try to figure it out more, but I really need to get this paperback into the submission phase.

This morning I also woke up to a subscriber to my newsletter, letting me know that the link for Kindle wasn’t there on the page for The Culling Cycle. Which is also odd considering that normally it’s automatically added. And since that was one of the first sites that had the book published, it should’ve been shown as a place to buy the book. I’m going to resend a note to let the subscribers know that it’s up now. Most of my readers don’t use Kindle, but for those who do, I don’t want them to have gone looking, only to find the link not up. How frustrating for them.

A lot of frustration today. For some reason it’s one of those days too where my nerves are frayed. Woke up and just been going like crazy, all the while feeling like something is about to happen. Crossing fingers that it’s nothing bad headed my way.

Since I was able to save my PDF for The Culling Cycle on the desktop yesterday, I’m able to just go over it on the laptop. So using the large monitor helps. But I can tell you, if I had any doubt that my chest begins to hurt from sitting at the desktop, it’s been confirmed this past week. I’ve been sticking with the laptop and lounging on my bed to work as of late, and as soon as I began to work at the desktop to format my paperback (far easier on the desktop computer with the large screen), the chest began hurting again. It’s totally my fault. There are few positions I can sit that eases that burden of the muscle in my chest being compressed. I have to sit up straight and keep my back straight, but then it places me at such an awkward angle.

I’ve tried to change the chair, put a pillow under my backside, and so far nothing has been helping me. If I slouch at all, that muscle bunches, tightens, and then the pain begins. Only trouble is that then if I sit straight for too long, it puts the awkward pressure on my spine because it’s not a natural position, and then that leads to aches in my back or my side, lol. This is why I find sitting on the bed (or in a large comfy chair) the best position to help me.

Also why I stay on top of (or try my best to) my yoga for exercise. I found in the Summer when I weed however? It strengthens that particular muscle in my chest and stretches it. If I could weed constantly on a daily basis, that would help loads. I’ve tried other exercises to strengthen the muscle, but so far stretching and weeding on all fours has been my best comfort. And avoiding being at the desktop for more than two weeks at a time.

For those who wonder, the muscle is on my left side, right near the end of my ribcage. And no, it isn’t a heart issue. It’s not a health issue. It’s one muscle that when treated improperly and tightens up without management, produces a pain that can feel like it’s a rib issue, then a heart issue, then a side issue, and then a lower back issue. It’s pretty entertaining how our bodies can work like that. It’s like when you are about to get a migraine (or I am), I don’t feel any semblance of pain anywhere. I don’t get a huge headache.



Recently I mentioned that if I don’t treat my headaches early in the day and I have one, it can turn into a migraine, but what is interesting about that is how the headache will actually seem to go away for a few hours. There is a very mild pressure I may notice in the head, but it’s as if it goes away. Then I see tinsel like spots in my vision. If I continue to ignore that little note which is basically screaming get ready to hold on, then that is the point the migraine hits.

It begins with a slight whoopsie daisy feeling. Then my eyes hurt and the bright lights from a TV or phone can be too much, then the world around me goes wonky. Blurry vision happen. Then comes the feeling nauseous like I’m walking across a boat, trying to find stable ground, but every limb in my body is a noddle, weak, and doesn’t want to work with me. If I can get an Aleve or something in me during that time, it won’t be too bad later, and will go away fairly quickly. By that time I’m headed into crisis mode, attempting to gather water, pain pills, and make my way to collapse on my bed while the spinnies start.

Luckily I’ve learned those subtle signs my body gives me, not just for the migraines about to begin, but the chest problems. Lately it’s been slowly growing tight so I know that I’ll have to lay off the desktop computer soon anyway. Thankfully I’m about to be done with the paperback (if this thing cooperates) so I won’t have to worry over it anymore. I don’t like taking meds, and prefer my own body taking care of it by itself (it’s how I’ve avoided being really sick for a long time) so I’m being careful wif me chest muscle right now.

These are all side effects of being a writer. I also have to baby my wrists when it’s cold so that they stay warm. Recently I wasn’t, then ended up with some mild wrist pain so I went back to focusing on my wrist warmers. Cheap fix for those of you who want one? Ankle socks. No kidding! I grabbed a pair of thick ankle socks, cut a straight line across the rounded toe, then simply put the elastic end of the sock up on my arm, my fingers extend beyond the toe area. Perfect fit for me. It’s been working great. The socks aren’t too tight so my fingers are free to move. Typical wrist wraps weren’t helping me much, nor were gloves without fingers. Ankle socks have been really cheap and great for me.

Anyhoo, focusing on The Culling Cycle paperback so tomorrow I’ll delve into the story.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 29,755

Ended today at – 31,626

Total word count for today – 1,871

Connections are being placed

Good lordies. I just texted my editor while I’m waiting for this dang desktop to cooperate. It’s taken me an hour almost to get it going.

My web pages are loading like I’m working on good ol’-fashioned freakin land line modem internet. And then trying to get my book to open in Word? It’s downloading from OneDrive. I’ve never once had that happen where I went to open something from my OneDrive and it had to download and take forever. Usually I click and it’s opened. But this desktop today. I swear.

Don’t really have a choice, either. I can’t do certain things to save my PDFs properly in Word with my laptop. Certain functions don’t work properly for whatever reason though it’s the same version of Word. So when I save my PDFs they are funkay.

Now I’m trying to reset the Wi-Fi to see if that helps things work better. I shouldn’t have to download things from my OneDrive, they should be opening on their own.

As for the story

Mila and Kat are discussing their visions, how they work, finding common ground, and through all of that, Mila is realizing that Kat and Kylarra are playing off one another. She’s figured out that Kat is sensing Kylarra awakening. I left off right there before Mila explained everything. All of a sudden though I woke early and went to bed at a decent hour, I’ve just been extremely exhausted today so the story was flowing well, but I was sluggishly writing. Also got a major headache so I popped an Aleve (only thing which works for me) for it while resetting the Wi-Fi. I have found that if I don’t do anything about headaches like this, they may just inevitably turn into a migraine.

In this house if I go down for a few hours, things are going to be problematic.

But that’s where I left off and where tomorrow will get picked up. Mila forming the connection between Kylarra and Kat. Today she admitted that she read Cage to find out who Kat and Julian were. She didn’t read him FOR that purpose, but it was a side effect of her having done that.

This is where they’re going to start really learning about who may be controlling Kat while in her visions and what’s happened with Kylarra. I realized just now they also have to address the fact the Stefan most likely scented Verrick having been there. I’m surprised he hasn’t brought up that fact. Either he doesn’t think it important, or he’s focused on Kat and Mila working things out. I’m not sure. When I think about it, I don’t have any solid evidence inside of me either, as to why he would.

Okay resetting the Wi-Fi didn’t work so I’m going to try opening the file on my desktop and copying a version to my SD card to work with. This is precisely why I usually only use OneDrive as a backup, not my main work files. Lovely that an older laptop works better than a new desktop. lol

Took me 5 minutes to achieve the above. While still the OneDrive version won’t open. So at least I can work now. With only 40 minutes left to get things done. I may work a little after 4 pm because of that. Really wanna finish the paperback today to get the proof ordered.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 27,811

Ended today at – 29,755

Total word count for today – 1,944

So much to track at this point

Little too busy today, but managed to get some writing in, thankfully. As I shared on Instagram last night, this was the main reason why.

Now that she is feeling better, it’s even more work because I’m trying to keep her from jumping up and down on things. And then let’s not start on her love of hopping up on people when she gets excited. I keep having this thought of her jumping and pulling a stitch from getting caught on something. Obviously that’s just a worry because we’ve only had two issues from any animal spay/neuter and it wasn’t our fault. It was the vets we had taken them to before this one.

One was Kona. Somehow the vet (one I REALLY didn’t like) didn’t keep an eye on him, he pulled his stitches out so they actually used a staple at the end of his little self to secure the wound. I mean can you imagine? The boy cried himself to sleep against my throat that night, miserable as all hell. Almost made me cry that night, thinking about how much pain he’d been in.

The other was Kaley. She was at another vet who I also don’t like. They had to reopen her a couple times because the first time the woman who’d came in to do the surgery, didn’t do it correctly and the wound was reopening on its own. Then the stitches she used within Kaley caused a reaction and the stitches were coming out of her skin (the ones INSIDE the wound, not on the outside). Two times Kaley had to go in and get those stitches removed and fixed. The poor girl was a trooper, but ugh, remembering her having to go back into surgery to fix the screw up that first round, then get reopened two other times to remove the inner stitches because she was having a reaction to them? *covers tummy*

Luckily the vet we’re using the dogs have never had a problem with any surgery. The wounds also are done so well that it’s hard to see any lines. Kaley has a permanent line from being reworked, but Mila has zero scar from this vet and I imagine Cheyenne won’t either. They are one of the few vets I have ever trusted. Would’ve stayed with the vet I had long ago but he’d left. All my animals loved him. And the nurses were amazing. They were the vet I used when I got Sabrina too and had to take her back and forth when she was a puppy because she had round worms. (She’d been birthed on a farm with horses and sheep in the next pen, lol.) Lemme tell you how I would have loved NEVER to have dealt with that. Think spaghetti and cream, but the noodles move. Yeah. That gross. haha

Anyhoo, I didn’t have time to write on Saturday

or the energy, so I wasn’t going to bother. Didn’t even get too much work done on my paperback version of The Culling Cycle. Mostly it was getting it to the point of readiness to start copying and pasting.

Today, Kat and Julian

were getting to know Mila a bit more and Mila was admitting how she came across them. At least how she knew they were Ky’s parents, that sort of thing. I find myself with so much information to track and include at this point that I’m struggling to remember it all. Or find ways to include it all before it’s gone.

It’s like this little ding ding ding in my head that I’m working very hard on trying to find a way to include the information. Then where it’s important since I still have one more story to go through, but then I also have these main view points I’m working on using. There is a possibility that I will have to switch viewpoints and gradually include Kat’s POV in this story, as well as Mila’s even though Mila’s viewpoint is the main viewpoint. And then if I were to do that, then I could include Kat, Mila, and Kylarra in the final book. Their viewpoints I mean.

That’s worth pondering as well.

To celebrate reaching 100 likes over on my new Facebook page, I am going to share a second chapter of The Culling Cycle in the notes.

So if you haven’t had a chance, come by and like the page – facebook.com/writerkimiverson – and watch for that note to be shared. Probably a few hours from this post. 🙂

Back to working on The Culling Cycle paperback.

Sooner I’m done with that, sooner I can get back to work on Dark Illusions: The Beginning. Man. I’d hoped to have all this behind me by now, but this year has been a FT job. Anyone else dealing with all these crazy energies? Feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride and I’m supposed to be catching all these hanging flags, but the ride speeds up past them and I’m struggling just to hold on, then we slow, then we loop and I’m thrown all over the place to keep from losing what I have grabbed. lol

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 26,562

Ended today at – 27,811

Total word count for today – 1,249

The Culling Cycle – Chapter One


It’s appearance didn’t bother her.

Living in a single-floored ranch house for years, things just randomly appeared. A random sock happened to say hello from under the bed when on the search for another item.

Opening a drawer revealed the battery that’d been missing for ages. A thingmajig popped up on the desk or a pokieproddie under the foot on the one day shoes weren’t there for protection.

That was the thing with houses. Random objects appeared and weren’t thought too much about. More so when it appeared on the terra cotta tiled kitchen counter and the metallic grey black outer body reflected the counter beneath. Even more so when it happened to look far too similar to the cordless phone it lay near.

Continue reading “The Culling Cycle – Chapter One”

Learning as she studies

I am a huge fan of elephants. Especially babies. So that’s why I’m using that image. No other reason, haha. Baby elephants make me happy!

I mean come on. That’s just cute.

So Mila has been learning while she studies the Queen and King of the Awakened. Not even asking a lot of questions, she is finding that as she watches the way they interact with one another, the things they say, and even how they don’t at times speak, but do speak.

It’s telling her a huge story about the type of people they are. Which is really how we know, isn’t it? We don’t have to ask someone what their favorite color is to see as time goes on that they wear a certain color over and over. Or they have a certain color in their house. We study by not asking questions. We learn by watching the way they interact.

Being far too self-aware, I’ve been very cognizant of the past year about how I’ve been growing away from people and ending friendships that no longer feel right. Or they never really felt right but now it’s amplified. Like a huge spotlight. Once I may have just grown away, but if they are close, or if I really wanna make sure that door is closed, I tell them straight out.

From an outsiders perspective, because my life has been changing so much this past year or so, it could appear that I don’t value friendships or am not extremely loyal. But that’s what I think Mila is noticing. For so long she’s been assuming she knew what vampires are like, she’s been seeing them in these brief windows, or hearing things about them, but never really saw beneath the surface.

Now, like anyone who really steps back and sees who I am, they would see that I am beyond extreme when it comes to loyalty. I am beyond extreme when it comes to overextending friendships beyond the expiration date. I stand by people when others wouldn’t. It takes a lot for me to finally close that door. Granted, there are exceptions.

A recent example that comes to mind is a woman who was left for a younger woman. Being a younger woman you can imagine that though she didn’t see it, she treated me as lesser. She judged me as her, but had that underlying cutting tone and negativity all the time. When I told her I fell in love, her literal first sentence to me was not to lose myself. Automatically assuming that since she had obviously gone through that, she was projecting herself onto me. She’d assumed she knew me after only a short while, telling me she loved me, but then made cutting remarks about my age as though being 37, I couldn’t be wise. As though being 37, it automatically meant because she was older that she had lived more, and was downright emotionally abusive in the way she spoke to me.

I’ve dealt with that from many people. Many I can excuse. I have no ill will toward her, but being an Empath, when someone approaches me without authenticity and instead is living in their dark shadowed side, their pain, their hurt, and projecting it onto me, it sickens me. It brings me down. We all know those negative folks who pretend they are happy, but being around them drains us. They praise while underlying it comes a negative critique. As in, I’m so much better than you, know more, and this is why you’re wrong.

If you think about what emotional abuse or psychological abuse is? That is it. That is why trolls get away with things they do. We are not coming out and confronting it. We allow it. We ignore it. And I did. I am not calling her a troll. In her way, she was being what she believed was a good person. But the truth was, every time she came to a great quote I shared about love, she cut it down. Many times when I talked about happiness, she cut it down. Many times  I said that people cared, she would cut it down saying nobody cares about anything but themselves. On the outside, me finally having enough and telling her the reasons, then ending that presence in my life, it can seem to an outsider that I don’t really have loyalty. Or they can see me ending friendships right and left and going, damn.

It’s something that pops up in my head. Which is what Mila is dealing with. She has been looking from the outside to the inside of Kat and Julian and thinking they just threw their daughter away. But now she’s getting to see two people who have the most incredible passionate, once in a lifetime love for one another, and they wanted that child of theirs.

Now to finish my trail of thought for me. I am loyal to a fault, yes. I do not give up on people that easy. I’ll easily take hits (not literal) again and again if it means showing them I don’t let go so easy. I don’t give up. Because sometimes life does get hard and we need those folks who are not necessarily punching bags, but people who stay there. Who remain loyal. Who we would give that same reciprocal loyalty too. But there are also those people who I’ve learned to suss out. I feel them out by energy mostly. By instincts as I wrote about in a previous post – Following their gut – that guide me. And in this past year I have been finding that I don’t have to be the nice girl to that extreme maybe.

Honestly I don’t know how to explain it. Bottom line is that I’ve lost everything before. Friends, money, job, you name it. And when I needed the people who I’d been loyal to and believed they had my back? The only thing they said to me was that I didn’t want to hang out with them anymore. Not, how can I help you. Not, I am here for you. Not, I will help you get through this. No. I was there in times when I sacrificed time and energy to be there for them when they needed me. When they needed a friend. And then when I needed it in return, they were criticizing of my need for help, wanted to shove me off, then abandoned me.

So I learned long ago that only those who truly show up for me, deserve to be there. And those who I feel that underlying criticality? No. I am not as forgiving anymore. I want people in my life who have my back and I will have theirs. I am beyond generous.  I love to give. Love to take care of people. It makes me happy to make others happy. I am forever a people pleaser, but people don’t realize you can be without it being a detriment.

But what I will not do? Is allow one person to remain in my life if they only want to remain in their negative critical spaces as those people had been. Not if they are energy drainers. I can forgive. I can have patience. But if someone stands between me and a happy love-filled life?

Fuck them.

I will limit people and then I will remove people if necessary. Either they appreciate me and show it through their actions, or I will have zero tolerance for them no matter how long I have known them. The instant I feel someone doesn’t deserve a spot in my future is the moment I cut them loose. We have to be that discerning. Not everyone deserves a place in our lives. I never wish them anything but the best and I tell them goodbye.

So in this past year I have been cutting ties. But I also still have people in my life that I have known since I was a little girl. I have family members I’ve never met, but through Facebook we’ve connected. I have people I’ve only ever known online that I am very close to and we’ve known one another for over ten years. I’ve stood by the side of a person who ended up in prison. Nothing will keep me from being friends with the right people. And my loyalty remains true until I realize our paths don’t continue on together. So I’m loyal all right.

To the right people.

I will go to war for people I love. I will rage battles against beasts five times my size for the people I love. I will stand alone against an army and tell the entire world they will have to get through me to get to that person to protect them from harm. But having lost everything has taught me to value those friendships and relationships who offer me the same in return. Not to have one-sided takers anymore.

And like Mila has discovered, she’s been wrong. Looking and judging Kat and Julian from the outside has shown her she didn’t know what she thought was true. Today she even asked them why? Why did they give Kylarra up?

Then she truly saw what it did to them. She finally realized exactly who the King and Queen of the Awakened are.

And realized all this time?

She’d been wrong about them.

Which is why we should never assume we know who people are until we know them. And it takes getting to know them personally. Talking to them. Communicating with them.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 24,308

Ended today at – 26,562

Total word count for today – 2,254

This is from yesterday. Tried, but failed today.

So freaking tired. I’ve been staring at the page for a while and not able to get my brain to move beyond reading the same sentence over and over.

Here is the reason I’m tired.

Cheyenne had her spay yesterday. She was suffering from a false pregnancy every time she went into heat and it was imperative to get it done. A false pregnancy means she would lose the majority of her hair, lose weight (because her body put it into producing milk for her “babies” it thought she had), and get really amorous. Mother’s lose their hair as a protection for them. When they have to feed the babies and remain near them to warm the babies, they can overheat very easily. If you’ve ever seen a mother dog, you’ll see her panting a lot. So it’s a way for the body to help her. Little hair means none on the belly to get into the mouth of the babies as they feed, and she doesn’t overheat.

That takes a lot out of Cheyenne when she doesn’t actually have babies. It could take months for her body to regulate itself from those hormones, then a few months was all she’d have as a break before the heat would come back, then it’s 3 weeks of intense (our females had an extra 4th week or horniness usually) heat and a few weeks after that, the false pregnancy hits around the time she would’ve had the babies (were she preggos).

For those who don’t know what a heat is. This isn’t a hard and fast rule or stages. When a dog goes through a heat, that first week is just swelling and beginning to spot then bleed, the next is the heavy bleeding, the third is the week they can usually get pregnant so their blood turns a creamy red, then they wanna jump everyone and everything. They know IT’s ON!! The last few days of the heat the ability to get pregnant drops.

That’s why the females act different during their heat. They know the time they can get pregnant. This isn’t a hard deadline so please be responsible with your dogs if you don’t want to breed. Leave it to the professional breeders. It’s all fun and games until you’ve been there and understand how much work it truly is. These are actual living creatures. Not that there aren’t exceptions, but a good breeder doesn’t make much off breeding. It all goes into the quality of the dog they are breeding and their main priority is about bettering the breed and they’ll go to some great lengths to ensure the breeds are strong, pure, and quality offspring. Which is why some dogs can cost a lot of money. Not that there aren’t great mutts and the like, just explaining why quality breeders aren’t these horrible people some believe them to be. That mutt came from that breed once upon a time. So yeah, that fourth week for our dogs usually kept on with that horniness but the heat was “technically” over.

Yesterday while I was working on The Culling CycleI managed to get the first official copy emailed to Paul, was about to blog about the writing I did for Discovery of an Enchantress, and submit the book to the sites for publishing and everything crashed. Not even kidding. All of a sudden I was staring at a black screen, lol. It was actually good though. It was 4: 30pm, I usually quit at 4 pm and Cheyenne was about to get picked up from the doctor. I had a bunch of things to get done before then. Good thing I did too. Once she got home, she was grumbling over and over and over and didn’t want me to move.

Just remembered that crap, gotta update the page for Discovery of an Enchantress. There’s no information there! So I guess like I was thinking this morning, today is going to be a maintenance day. When I don’t get sleep, can’t focus or write, that’s when I pull up the maintenance work. I work on the covers I need to get done, do these blogs I’ve had in mind, and just those fairly simple tasks that I get behind on. I transmute the energy I have, into useful energy.

Just like when I don’t feel up to crazy town in the morning, that’s when I just eat my breakfast, watch some TV, then maybe do a little crochet while I watch my morning hour of TV. Usually all I actually watch unless my mother has it on while I’m eating lunch, that sort of thing. Lately she’s been having more throat issues so she doesn’t do much. Today it’s a lot of foot pain she is dealing with.

For those who’ve never heard me say it on this site, my mother is 77 years old, and I live with her. Not just because I can’t afford to have my own place at this time, but because it helps her too. I do the house work, yard work (majority of it), cook dinner, take care of the dogs, and all those basic maintenance tasks. The majority of the time she’s okay on her own, but when it gets really bad, then I also become the nurse for her. Every day I’m the caregiver and nurse to the pets though, lol. I’ve got no issues with doing those really down dirty things. I’m used to it. Been doing it the majority of my life so no big. My brother also lives here and has congestive heart failure. He’s been doing much better, but him too, I help out when things get really bad. He’s prone to getting sick thanks to the heart issues. I’m no saint, so please don’t bother to praise me. Just doing what people do when their family gets to that point. You step up or you run.

When my mother complained of foot pain, I told her it’s why I started to wear boots. Being on my feet all day long, I am usually fairly sore and I can’t afford to be off my feet for that long. Although on Sundays, I have become more accepting of the fact that I must sit on my tookus and relax. Replenish my energy.

Regarding the story from yesterday, I cried. I did. I admit it. I was writing away and then when Mila was helping Kat, a character showed that I didn’t expect to. Also it literally just hit me while saying that, Mila sees and speaks with the dead. She has a special connection with the dead. So I just went ooooohhhhhhh that would be why that character popped up. They are dead. Mila has a special connection to the dead.


Brain pause.

While I was writing though, it was a powerful moment that I couldn’t keep myself from crying. It was too special.

Okay brain is slowing down even more. Had a few different blog ideas pop up earlier so gonna work on those, but first see if I can get The Culling Cycle paperback started and maybe the book up on the sites to publish. We’ll see if it works out.

Pretty much all over the place so this is a good place to go poof and quit talking, lol.

Current status.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 22,467

Ended today at – 24,308

Total word count for today – 1,841

Okay so time disappeared

Snug wug baby featured image. Yes, I annoy her. She’s the cute one so I sort of have to.

Not entirely sure where my day went. I got up at a reasonable hour and then poof. Now it’s 4:18 pm, my hands are so cold that I’m struggling to write because it’s NOT warm here though the sun is out. And I do have my wrist warmers on but they aren’t helping.

This morning as I was writing I was inspired to jot up a quick blog. I was trying to get a bunch of things out of my head because I couldn’t focus on the book (that was the reason why I couldn’t). So currently my brain is on overload still. Got a lot of things I’m trying to get done today. Tomorrow is Cheyenne’s spay which means I may not have much time to do anything for the next week. While she’s gone tomorrow I have to try to get some more work on The Culling Cycle done. Working on finalizing things so I can publish. I decided to include a note in the back (chapter more like) of information like I do with these blogs. Behind the scenes you can call it. Story thoughts, life inspiration, who knows. I’ve been enjoying blogging like this and figured I’d start doing it with my books I publish too.

Barely have talked to anyone this past month either. I was telling Jeanie on the weekend I was going to check on her and just went meh. She knows not to take that personal because she’s feeling that same blah energy. And I go through those phases. So we’re honest when we feel that way. Dunno. I think in my head of conversations, but on the outside I’m just not really interested. Barely even talk to my own family and I live with them! lol So if you’re feeling this weirdness? You’re not alone! lol I think many of us are dealing with that.

It’s not a personal issue I have with anyone. Sometimes I simply get quiet or it takes more energy than I have to expend. I’ll tell you if you get that way? Just tell the person you’re with. Your friend, family. It’s a lot easier to tell them the truth and say, “I just don’t feel like talking to anyone,” than it is to lie. We have so much to do every day that it’s okay to tell someone, I just don’t feel like talking.

It’s hard not to take that personal. ESPECIALLY if we see them on Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t! Facebook doesn’t take much energy most of the time. It doesn’t for me. When I’m bad off I won’t go on there though.

And no, I’m not leaving because of this whole ploy to make it into an evil entity when uh, we don’t have to share certain information if we don’t want it accessed. Is it really shocking that they know things about us? The whole dang of Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., do! lol My privacy is up to me, not Facebook. We can be googled and found plenty information on. Especially those who’ve been online for a bit.

So no, I’m not leaving just because suddenly they are trying to be shown as an evil entity. I’m more interested in why it seems they are wrong, and not the people who took that information. Seems too agenda-ish to me.



Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 21,900

Ended today at – 22,467

Total word count for today – 567

Well, they have met. Now what?

The featured image entertains me. That was last night. Mila decided to sit in front of me and tell me she wasn’t tired!  I didn’t know until after I clicked that the timing was perfect to closed eyes, haha. Her eyes kept drifting shut over and over again.

Here it is again in case it doesn’t show right on your screen.

And back to the story, Mila and Stefan have approached the King and Queen of the Awakened.

This is where the final series story picks up because I had to rewind the time back to when we left Mila. And as I’ve stated in previous posts, it was beneficial because the information was important to the continuation of the story. So overall it’s a win.

I had an interesting dream (when don’t I? lol) on Saturday night that led me on Sunday to piddle with a story outline. I’ve been wanting to write a story that featured a certain species. I’m not going to give too much information on that species right now, lol, but my mind got to thinking about elementals. Something even about that name gets me every time.

Coincidentally, it hits me too that it goes along with Stefan and Mila as I write this. They started out as a dream and an “idea,” too.  Here is a post I wrote up about where this story idea came from. https://kimberlysueiverson.com/2016/12/20/coming-up-with-story-ideas/

That story creation blog series went poof because participation wasn’t there, and my time is served better elsewhere, so I just did the beginning of the series, then left it. That’s enough anyway for people to really get into the basics of story creation. 

Anyhoo, I was trying to come up with thoughts on that story and then I was going on and on in my mind as I watched the new Star Wars

I loved it. 

Moving on. I kept thinking about that dream and this character in The Culling Cycle. Then my brain kept going on the path of wanting to explore the idea, and wanting to write a certain book (like I did with Stefan and Mila, wanting to write a book about a witch and a werewolf). I may just explore it further. I have zero idea for a story, but was considering writing the thoughts I have as I go, in these blogs.

I don’t blog or write on Sunday, so in fact, I could play with the idea then. Maybe even blog about the creation, where my thoughts are, where they are going, and stuff like that. I’m going to think about it, which will take me time. I may forget, or do it and have the post share on Sundays even though I don’t use the computer then. Not completely sure yet, but that story idea keeps tickling at me.

I usually don’t outline, but for some reason I keep wanting to, to see what comes up. I sort of outlined The Guardian of Life series. At least the beginning. And I considered how beneficial it would be to any beginners out there who come across the blogs. Why do I say this?

If you’d be interested, leave a comment below. That may make me lean toward talking about it (blogging) publicly.

Either way, I may play with the idea in my head. It’s not a serious storyline in my head (meaning I have to write it this second!) since I’m still working through the final parts of my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world, and have plenty of other stories in my head. One may jump at me to go after before I come to writing this idea. Or not. Really it’s up in the air. But I’m going to casually play with it during the weekends. I have many that I do that with. Sometimes they get thrown in the “eventually I’ll write this,” pile, sometimes not.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 19,981

Ended today at – 21,900

Total word count for today – 1,919