#FreebieFriday – Current WIP – Birth of a Princess

In my newsletter every Friday, I have been sharing snippets of my current writing project. Thought I’d give this a try for a while. I like to mix things up, so I don’t know if this is a permanent thing, but I keep trying to blog a bit more so here is yet another thing to try. This’ll cut back on how much I have to include in the newsletter, how long it takes me, and allow more people to sample my work.

Side note: I do so love Kylarra.

~ Birth of a Princess ~

Intro to scene: Since Verrick is out of town, Kylarra went out to try and clear her mind. Didn’t work to get Verrick off her mind. And now she encounters these two when she heads back home?

“Heard it.” Jobren said, then practically purred, “May just want to see it for myself.”

“After all,” Jorin flowed smoothly into Jobren’s sentence—definite damn twins, “Verrick seems to be missing, doesn’t he?”

“We could have a little fun with you,” Jobren added as he stepped closer, refusing to listen to her.

Kylarra huffed. Arrogance. Typical. Why was it that because she looked so young, many of these older men actually believed they could treat her like a goddamned toy? As if honestly the only thing between them and her . . . was Verrick? Fine, if he were here he wouldn’t hesitate to claim what rightfully belonged to him, but he wasn’t. And when he wasn’t, she didn’t really need him to survive.

Like a wave slowly building in strength, she felt her temper reaching a crescendo and building in power. The heat crept from her toes to her head, spilling out of her mouth.

“One more step, Jobren,” she warned.

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Biscuits and chocolate gravy

So total credit for the chocolate gravy in this goes to my good friend, Gary. He’d answered my Facebook question – who were your favorite relatives? and told me about this deliciousness. The recipe is modified to be for a single person except the chocolate gravy will still have extra. But I wanted to try this for lunch so I altered it all to be for just moi. And this will make a fairly decent-sized biscuit.

For the biscuits –


1/2 cup all purpose flour

1/2 tbsp cornstarch (optional, but makes the biscuits really soft inside)

dash of salt

1/2 – 1 tbsp sugar

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp oatmeal

2 tbsp shortening (I’ll use butter shortening, regular shortening, or mix shortening with butter for this part)

*optional to add few teaspoons dry plain creamer – gives it extra creaminess.


Mix all but the shortening together, then use a fork to mix in shortening. Add enough water to combine it all so it’s not wet, but not dry. Try 1/4 cup to start, then add little more, little more. I haven’t measured this part so I can’t tell you how much there is. You can use milk, but I run out so often, combining dry creamer (usually have it on hand) and water is easier for me. Plain water is fine too if you don’t want to add the creamer.

not too wet, not too dry

Drop onto a cast iron pan, cookie sheet, realllllyyy doesn’t matter.

Cook 450 for about 10-15 minutes.

Chocolate gravy

How it can be used – stock image from pixabay

Original recipe here –


1/4 cup cooking cocoa

dash of salt

1 1/2 tbsp all-purpose flour

6 tbsp white sugar

1 cup milk

1/2 tbsp softened butter

1 tsp vanilla


Mix all but the vanilla and butter with a whisk. Then cook over a medium high heat (7-10 minutes) until gravy consistency. Remove from heat, add in vanilla and butter, then mix.

Combine the two of those products and yum! Makes me think of a chocolate donut, but not as sweet.

Crown of Ice gone!

Sent off Crown of Ice to my editor on Friday, as I said I would. Today I’m beginning to input edits for Royal Blood, which is the second in the series. Technically in this particular series, they are one book separated into two. I ended up thinking I’d keep it as one book, but I’d reached halfway through the second book when it occurred to me that I needed to split it into two.

So in Crown of Ice there is a continuation marker into number 2. In some series I do have the books abruptly end and the next picks up where the last left off, but this one is really an abrupt ending. Some readers I get may not like it, but that’s partly why I will be working OT on this one to make sure that number two gets published as quickly as it can. I’m trying a new process with my editing that I hope makes it go a little quicker. Not to sacrifice the quality of the edit, but maybe even to make it better.

That’s always my plan. Improve the editing while finding a way to speed it up. I don’t like using that word. To someone else it may mean make the process speed up and sacrifice the quality. I only mean to help the process take less time to achieve. Even if it means some days that I work when normally I would take the time off. Like Sundays. Or working an extra hour on some days. It’s far too easy to abuse that word: speed. It implies a lack of caring and trying to hurry up, rushing, just for the sake of rushing. I never intend it that way.

So today, we’ve begun work on inputting edits for this beauty –

Country Berry Cake

Going to try this later on, but with peaches.

Goblin Castle

I woke up uber cranky today. For some reason, coffee wouldn’t do it for me. The goblins have been crazy since they woke up, doing crazy things, climbing things, calling me “Mom” and what have you. You’d think a morning of coffee and The Walking Dead would be a good foundation for a calm, collected woman but, alas, the goblins had their diabolical plans instead.

So, what to do when your calm is taken and thrust into the chasm of “parenthood?” You turn on some Dan Gibson’s Lakeside Retreat and stomp all angry-like to the pantry to toss all baking supplies onto the table, of course!

I have a bag of frozen berries. Well, had. I decided I wanted to have some berry cake today and I wanted it to be sweet and good with my coming second cup of coffee. This is an experiment and I’m letting you all in on it…

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Things we go through, do they prepare us for what may come? 

I’m a constant thinker, I ponder, I delve deep into what happens to us as individuals, as people, as humans. I know I’m a deep thinker and that most may not have things cross their mind like I do, but I can’t help it: I’m curious. I wonder, I dream, I think. I’m not ordinary. I accept that.

Lately it’s been occurring to me that maybe that age old statement, everything happens for a reason, really is true in many ways. Not as a mystical saying, but more so that every life experience we have, every person we encounter and deal with. It prepares us for what is to come in our future.

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Free Photo Sites, fonts, and video

If you’re a writer, blogger, or otherwise, finding a FREE photo to use commercially and any ol’ way you please is very difficult. I’m gonna start this list so that others can benefit from it. I usually save the info in my email or I bookmark it. That way I can find them easily. Making this list will also help me get my own bootum organized. If a link quits working, or they change their policies and are no longer free, I’ll update this. If you notice something wrong that I haven’t gotten to, let me know.

Note: always double check the photos but these sites I list are available to use commerically. That means that you don’t have to credit the author (I usually credit the site I get them from in my books), don’t have to link to the site, and you can alter them as you wish. You can use them in websites, books (print and ebook), blog posts, and whatever else you may have in mind. Always read their licensing agreement as well. Usually found under the About page, Licensing page, or How to Use page. Somewhere on their site will have the information. 

You can also add your own sites to get photos from, but they have to be sites a person can use them completely free. Royalty free, for commercial purposes (allows you to use them in print books or however you please). 100% or public domain (means the same as above).

I will also include a list of sites that I get fonts from or any other product I find that meets the criteria I listed. And again you can also include a site, but it must be 100% free to use. If they have a CCO license (Creative Commons) that’s also good.

Photo Sites

This site has a nice wide variety of styles. Nature, people, things. Good assortment of photos. Well taken too.

Another wide range of photography. This was the original site I used a lot.

This is my absolute favorite photo site. There are also illustrations, artistry portraits, fantasy images, and more.

This site I haven’t used, but it’s got a fair assortment of what looks like mostly nature. There may be some other shots. They look good though.

Another one I haven’t used, but that looks pretty good. More like shots you’d take yourself.

Fairly abstract shots mostly, but a good assortment.

This site I’ve used a few times for random internet picture projects. Nice assortment of well done shots. Little hard to browse, but forgiveable.

Offered up to me by Ariele Sieling (thanks, girl!), this site has a few options. There is the completely free option, but it also looks like you can upgrade to a premium membership to get even more photos as well. That’s up to you, but to me it looks like the free photos are pretty dang nice.

This site has a decent amount of photos, including video. Just make sure to read what their limits are to using the free images. They don’t want them used in products that are discriminatory for one which is understandable so things of that nature. Double-check that license, but they are free.

Just like what the link says. These are realistic shots of every day people, nature, etc.

(I’ll add more later and there is more, promise.)



Really great quality video to use in a website.

Same as the site above for photos, but I thought I’d include it here for the ease to find the videos.


I have used this site a lot. The trick to getting the completely free font is a little search fun. Look at the categories, then in the search options area, choose “more options,” and tick the box for “100% free” and then “public domain.” That’ll ensure you’re only seeing the correct fonts that you can use. They have some great ones. Some of the donationware fonts are really good too, but you’ll have to donate to the creator to use them. Usually it’s just a few bucks so there is that option as well, but when you’re struggling, free is the best option. Again, I like to credit the sites I get the fonts from so there is that option.

Another one of my fav sites for fonts. BUT, pay close attention to the link, and to the fonts when you browse. Not all of them are free. Google fonts are free. There are icons on the fonts that you can hover over and will tell you if they are free, but sticking with that link and simply scrolling through the pages will keep you in the free range.

Any font you find on this site is open license. That means that you can use it freely in your projects. I like to download the fonts to my computer too. That way if I’ve used it on my site, I can use it in adverts for my site. Cohesiveness and all.

Book Mockups, Templates

Ever see those cool 3D images of the books that people share? This is a site where you can grab some for free to work on. Some are free, some are $5, just as he states in the sidebar, BUT read through each image when you click on it to double-check, the above link will keep you in the free range. 🙂


By using the link above, you’ll go to the search results that will display public domain music. If you want to search it yourself, ensure when you do the search that the boxes for “public domain,” “allows for commercial use,” are checked. If you use it in on a project that is online and don’t mind crediting the author (still can do it even without searching with this method) then you can also check the box for “attribution” under the CC license area. You’ll get even more music choices then.

David, David, David where are you David.

Don’t ask me where that came from. I’m also tapping out the tune for Peter and the Wolf as I search images to represent this guy. This tune. I loved listening to Peter and the Wolf as a child, but really don’t know why lately it’s been in my tapping routine. I tap the keys on my keyboard or my nails on the desk.

Also another random sidenote: did you know that DAVID is actually one of my favorite male names? Yuppers. This is why I’m not changing my character’s name. I did consider not using it because my inspiration for the character was David Gandy and I didn’t want to be disrespectful to him, but I veered so far away from the inspiration (you know, like my character isn’t human or anything? haha) that I can’t bring myself to change the name. I love the name David.

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