What dreams may come

A visit from the loved ones. I was woke up this morning by a little booger named Kona, barking. I think the cat decided to creep around by the bedroom door which always makes Kona freak out. He never fails in barking at her for it. I've been purposely waiting to feed Dakota in the …


What do you want out of a relationship? A great question I heard recently.

What do you want out of a [romantic] relationship? Part of me trying to better myself as a human being and woman, has been to read anything I can get my hands on about anything in that area. Even such things that most people wouldn't give thought to, or figure they already know, like taking …


Spreading rumors and hatred

Haven't really been active here. But I thought I would try to write more about random topics I encounter. One of the most frequent I have dealt with, and that we all have, is the rumor mill. Or being talked about behind our back.