Low count, but totally fine

Not too many words, but the reason I’m okay with it is because for anyone following this blog, they’ll have noticed that I have been doing nearly 2K or some days over that.

And for the often asked question: Do you have a writing goal?

(Always ask any question you like – I’m happy to talk about the process, even if you’ve never seen the answer.)

Yes, and no. I try for 1000 per day in an hour.  That is my official “goal” I go for daily.

But if my story is flowing well and I’m not distracted, I can easily get in 3000 words. However, on days like today where I started a little late (laptop wouldn’t start for a good 30 minutes so I kept having to turn it on and off), I only got a little over 500, and I’m still okay with it. Why? That’s more than I had yesterday! Not more words that I wrote, no. But I now have 500 more words than I did yesterday. Same I say for money. If I find a dollar? I have one dollar more than I had the day before! Yay, me! *pats back*

I could’ve been writing more right now, but instead decided to write this blog. I have a few maintenance things I’m working on in the background too. Like for my newsletter (see the end of this post) that I’m working on. And a couple others too.

So I’m not even bothering. I know that I’ve been putting in such good word counts, that it doesn’t bother me. If it were days and weeks of only about 500? One, I would be happy that I was still getting words in period. Two, but yes then it would bother me.

I worked up the page for War of the Lycaens again, and then realized I should add another page for the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe finally. There is just WAY too many books and such to have separate. So to make things easier for you and everyone else, including moi, I’ve made the page (still working on it) and will be adding to it. I’ll do a bit more in-depth on it too. Information-wise.

I’m also about to add a bit of a “to-do” list on my home page so that people will see things I have to do, will be doing, etc. This is more for me than anything else, but that way if you come across something I may have missed and need to fix, please let me know. I would truly and sincerely appreciate it. There are so many things that I have to do every single day that I forget. And without going into things, there is a lot of medical issues happening around my personal life so things slip my mind. Everything at home takes center stage and this will most likely last me some years to come at this point. I am always grateful for the help when you spot a broken link, or it leads to a dead end, empty page, an image is missing. That sort of thing. 🙂 ❤

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 73,329

Ended today at – 73,895

Total word count for today – 566


My word, I’m almost done with this book

Can’t even believe it. I’m not sure where else the story will take me but I am nearly done with this book. I’m not too worried if I stop anywhere around here. In edits, I’m capable of putting in 20K words sometimes and I know there will be areas where I want to add in Kat scenes more in the beginning. Mostly because as I stated earlier, I thought it would be a good idea to merge Kat and Mila into this one, then Kat, Mila, and Ky into the third.

So I’ll see (in edits) if there are a few areas to insert more Kat into the beginning of this book. Soon I’ll be starting War of the Lycaens.

The information that has been leading up to this book is going to be interesting to see come to light.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 71,778

Ended today at – 73,329

Total word count for today – 1,551

Hopefully this is set up correct

I am nearing the end of this story.

At this point, I’m a lil’ tired of the world, haha. I’ve been reading the past books like crazy to refresh all the thoughts, ensure I’m not repeating information for a negative reason. And then I’ve written 2/3 in the series (I’m at 71K+ in this story, which leaves me less than 10K-ish to where I may end) and in the next week or two I’ll be done and moving into the 3rd. Which means by June. Dang. It’s already June.

Anyhoo, at this point I’m a wee little tired of them. Don’t get me wrong, love the characters, love the stories, and all of that. BUT, it’s exhausting to do one thing for too long for me. I get worn down. I haven’t gotten too bad so far, but I’m sure it’ll be coming. I think since the story is still moving along well, it’s been helping me loads.

I do find myself beginning to want to find a different genre to write in. I seem to keep going back to Sci-Fi or insert science fiction elements into the stories that I’m working on. I feel that I may end up doing loads more of those stories or stories with those elements as I go on.

We will be seeing if this works.

I set my ifttt channel back up to share these blogs this to my Facebook profile. in the WordPress sharing option there is only the ability to post it to one place  on Facebook and I have it sharing to my page. I know, someone out there is going, can’t you just copy and paste the link? I’m lazy. Also the skipping and hopping that opening the page does and copying and pasting the link? Drives me up the wall, slows down my mental process, and then I forget to. I’d rather the automatic post so I know people are getting it, and it’s one less thing for me to worry over. Anything to lessen brain clutter, I do.  And that gives me those extra few minutes every day that I would’ve used on doing that, to get back to my editing. Which adds up.

This is where the quote goes in, “word smarter, not harder.” Almost reversed it, haha.

Let’s talk time organization. How that helps me.

I have also discovered that the more mind chatter I allow (like those little things to remember, accomplish, do, etc.), the more I get lost in time overtaking me and me not overtaking time. Like it controls me versus me controlling everything. Goes back to setting schedules. For creative people or people prone to being distracted (maybe ADHD, ADD folks too, children even) easily, the setting of that schedule and solid do this, then this, then this, allows me to keep control of what’s going on. And for some reason, that small extra task of me having to post to each individual social network or site, will easily throw me off into “where did time go?” and then I don’t have time for what I needed to get done.

Organization and scheduling. Two important things that help me stay focused, get a lot of things done, and allow my brain creative freedom. I know, people are wondering. Schedules and time organization. That speaks of anything but freedom.

Oh, but it is. If I want to zone out for five minutes and allow my brain to roam freely, I can. I know that everything is taken care of until this moment of time, then I have to move onto this.

Okay, I’ll make it easier.

When I get up, I have a set amount of things I do. During the week I know exactly what I’m eating for breakfast, it rarely changes, even the routine. I put the dogs out, use the bathroom, start the coffee, put my oatmeal in to cook. Then I bring the dogs in, settle in front of the TV (only TV I usually watch) with my coffee and my oatmeal, and watch one hour. A show, half a movie, but typically shows I’m interested in. My brain isn’t functioning, I need it to slowly wake up or I’ll have a headache all day. And in that first hour, I’m telling my brain that it will be needed in exactly an hour and a half to two hours for my writing.

The moment I get my workout done, it’s been about that exact time every single day with the very same routine, so my brain already knows . . . now you wake, now you create at high, give me story. And the creativity in me has increased since I began a steady schedule. Brain clicks on, I go to work, then it shuts off for me to once more deal with the cleaning, the dogs, etc., and I’m back here in the afternoon for more creativity (editing, cover creating, whatever).

My scheduling of everything else, allows me brain to understand that everything else is taken care of, my productivity increases outside of the writing, but the creativity for my stories goes into high gear. Because I’m not having to be focused on other things like what do I do now? My brain has full creative freedom 24/7 because it doesn’t need to help me figure out my day, when to put the dogs out or anything else. It can be auto pilot for those things.

The biggest mistake people make about scheduling is how it limits us. I’m not saying creative folks who are messy, don’t stick to schedules, or are all over the place are any worse than someone who schedules (or any better). But have you noticed that the folks who write “whenever the mood strikes” aren’t the ones who have ideas flow so easily? I’m sure there is an exception (always is) but it’d be few. The majority struggle. The more we tell our brain, I have the rest of this handled, you focus on story, and we let that muse fly free, the more ideas burn through us.

And at least for a writer like me who bores easy, and wants to write, write, write, and churn, churn, churn, I want that constant movement. It fuels me in other areas of my life too. I love it. Less stress for me too. I get a lot done in a day. I have time chunked out for what to do and know that when I want to cut loose, I can. Just look at my word count on those days my schedule is on top. Especially when my sleep schedule is on track. If I don’t get my solid 8 hours, oh boy. If I wake after 7:30 AM, yugh. If I can’t go to sleep until after 11 PM, no.

I’m telling you, avoid me, lol.

I will also add before I go that writing a lot, churning a lot of stories out? Doesn’t mean lesser quality. If you think about it, the more I write, the more I practice, the better I get at the writing and the storytelling. If we just write one story and then edit it millions of times? What do you think we’re doing? We’re learning to get good at editing because that’s what we’re practicing, not writing, not storytelling. Editing is not storytelling.

It all goes hand-in-hand.

Practice, practice, practice. Churn, churn, churn.

And until we have the stories to edit, we have nothing to edit.

Write. Edit. Publish. Repeat. Or in my case, write a couple stories, edit one, publish one, write a couple more, then edit one, publish one, lol.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 69,571

Ended today at – 71,778

Total word count for today – 2,207

Setting up new lists

Lemme try and write this up quickly. Don’t have much time. Yes, I was bad yet again not getting this posted yesterday. As I told my editor, I got up late which set me behind. Wasn’t even that much later than normal. I have avoided everything today but my phone I use to listen to music, lol. That way I don’t have to focus on anything but the task at hand.

I’m going through and setting up new lists and information for my newsletter. Since I have had to go through the GDPR situation I finally decided to start anew. I am going to once more include these blog posts at the bottom of the newsletter. Won’t be all of them in between the newsletters since those won’t go out but around once a month-ish, I blog near daily, and that’d be a bunch. I’m only setting it up for 4 to post at the bottom. But that way if someone is subscribing to the newsletter, they will be able to see a snippet of the blogs I share here and be able to find them. Maybe keep checking back.

So if you’d like to sign up for that newsletter I am calling Kim Iverson News, I set a new bit.ly link for it since I can’t change where the old one directs to. bit.ly/KimIversonNews

that’s okay that I couldn’t change the link though. That “VIP” I added because yes, it was for the “elite” so to speak, haha, but it’s been annoying me. I don’t want to add “you’re extra special because you’re on this list!” stuff anymore. I’m kinda over that faux craziness. Look, here are my books I have up, if you’d like to check them out and purchase, come on by, but I’m no more special than another writer and I’m not interested now in that crazy sales marketing strategy.

We’re TIRED of it, right? I sure am. Sign up for a list I think I’ll gain some valuable information or [in terms of writers] I’ll get when their books are up for sale, maybe some information. Then suddenly I’m finding emails every. single. day in my darn inbox just screaming at me to buy buy BUY. *turns down volume*


That’s not why I signed up.

It’s just too much. No more of that template marketing* for me. I’m not going to do it to you, either. I never did it before and I won’t do it now. Okay fine, I’m not making zillions every day and my sales aren’t crazy. But you know what I’m building? A stable foundation of solid fans who’ll buy my work that won’t suddenly crash at the slightest change in how I work. Because this I can do. Keeping up the insanity 24/7? It’ll wear me down. It’ll wear you down.

*template marketing is a term I’m using to describe the template set out where they say to email 3 personal messages, then on the 4th email, ask them to purchase after telling your story in the first three. Uh, no thanks.

Nobody wants that anymore.

And sales marketers? Same. I’ve even read that from sales people who teach it. If you’re not emailing them weekly, you’ll get lost in the (oh look, they used the same term), “noise.” Or you’ll be forgotten. Maybe because with all the social networks and all that. People are convinced they lack time. What they lack is self-discipline to turn off and unsubscribe from the noise for fear of missing out. Fear of not being front of the line for the latest and the greatest.

If you’re investing all your time and energy into social networks or things that move at the speed of light, you’re training your brain not to recall anything. Now what do you think happens when we (or anyone in sales) is constantly sending messages and “noise,” or fluff just to stay in someone’s mind and inbox? We’re contributing to the problem. 

Time to retrain ourselves to what matters. Like the person saying, “I’m so busy.” If (I have been this person so I speak personally too) we look at our time investments and energy placements, we find we’re spending a lot of time just scrolling newsfeeds. And I’m looking at you news junkies too who do it for TV or online. This isn’t just social networking. It’s emails, it’s reading news headlines, it’s perusing store shelves. Times sucks can happen everywhere.

When then we find we’re not busy, we’re just investing time where we shouldn’t. I’m investing more time tending to an aging parent, dog care, yard work, and my books. Also working out. And those close to me. I pulled back on the “perusing,” which is what was wasting most of my time. Just scrolling through news feeds, literal NEWS feeds, etc. Reading memes can actually be a time suck too. So that little thing has given me a bunch more time and yet I’m still busy? My books have replaced that time, lol.

But that is more productive. My sleep schedule is sloooooowwwwly getting back on track, which is helpful.

So with my newsletter–where I was going with this to begin with–I figured I would replace the blogs and I’m contemplating also adding back the books area I had at the bottom just for the new folks, or the ones who forget what I’m working on at that time and don’t want to run to my website.

If you haven’t signed up before, feel free to sign up now. Note that this list is the VERY same list as before technically. I’m just making a new one to start fresh with my stats and such to really understand it well on my end because I’d participated in those InstaFreebies where they download the book and are automatically added to the list? Many of them–I’m grateful they have–stayed with me. I see that label in the list of contacts, but some didn’t. Since I want to ensure that I know who is really sticking with me this round and wants to be there for no other reason than they enjoy my newsletter and/or books, I figured it easier to start anew.

If you’re a current subscriber don’t worry you will be moved to that one if you go to this link and update settings to check all 3 boxes. Or, just sign up on this link and check the two on there. Either way works.

Signing up doesn’t include the freebies that old list did though. I haven’t added any. That way those who sign up want to sign up period. For news on the books, not just to “get a freebie.” I think I’m going to hold off on that for a while, if not period, because unlike other self-published, I act different. I don’t “do” the normal things to gain attention. Maybe I’m still fighting for massive lists of fans, but again, I want stability and a foundation that is solid. I don’t want people there just because. I seek genuine readers and people to be on the list who’ll care that I’ve spent an hour writing the newsletter up to let them know of the news.

We often forget that many of the writers we subscribe to have taken time out of their day to let us know what’s in those letters. They aren’t automated. So having many people on there not even reading all that work? Why are they there?

Again I’m to blame for that too. I don’t always read as well so I’m slowly unsubscribing from emails so I only get what I’m going to read. I know they may see the unsubscribe (as I have) as a bad thing, but in reality it’s a god thing. It means that the readers who are on the list are reading the newsletter. Otherwise they’ll be sent to trash without a read. That’s bad for statistics. I’d imagine on MailChimps end, if the one sending the newsletter out didn’t get anyone reading, MailChimp might be like . . . are you spamming these folks? When we just get so much mail we trash a lot. Same as snail mail.

I’m too lazy to add a featured image this round, and I have to get back to editing Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition.


Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started today at – 68,259

Ended today at – 69,571

Total word count for today – 1,312

Time just keeps slipping away

From Friday,

It really does. I feel like I’m in a version of The Twilight Zone. I was thinking about that as I was on my way to bed last night. Or rather, trying to fall asleep after a long day where I tried to get a lot done and very little was accomplished in the grand scheme of things.

Which seems to be a huge theme right now. And I’d like to say it’s just me, but it’s not, is it? So many people keep getting behind, or not getting as much done as before. Or if they do, their lives seem to be in a flip flop state. One minute it’s the beginning of the month, the next the end. It occurred to me last night that I haven’t replied to a letter I received a couple months ago. I have every intention to every weekend, then get busy with writing, then my dogs, and suddenly it’s been 3+ months since I’ve replied.

We had yet another upheaval that happened which we’re dealing with in our house. Of course it centers on me to do the medical care around it. Last night as I was I was thinking to myself what would happen if I was the one finally in need? All this time this house and my family have always relied on me. In one way I was always the one dumped on too. They looked down on me and yet who have they always relied on when they got sick or when one of the animals have? The same one who used to be put down consistently.

This is part of why I tend to keep to myself. Once upon a time when I had a lot of close friends (and I cared to), they would be on my case because I didn’t want to hang out with them when they didn’t understand I just didn’t have the time or energy to. When dealing with sick family members one gets tired of dealing with human beings and wants me time. My me time has always been being by myself. I’m a hermit and a loner and a wild girl. Not party wild, wild as in, going out into the garden and doing my own thing is more freeing and wonderfully replenishing to my soul than any number of “coffee dates” with yet another human being wanting something from me and annoyed with me for “being so quiet” rather than just being happy that I’m there.

That’s also probably why I have gotten so close to my editor in the past 6 years and she’s become more like a sister. She has been the one person I can say, “I don’t feel like talking, I’ll chat with you in a few days,” and it’s perfectly okay. I speak my mind, she doesn’t get angry, but instead she understands. I’ve also learned through her to open up and communicate more. To express myself more. So on those days I know that I can say . . . I’m not interested in talking to anyone and she doesn’t take it personal. She knows, gimme a few days or so and I’ll be back around. I have learned that if I need a little room to breathe, to just tell someone that, and give them a time line. I’ve learned it’s okay to take that time.

Which is hard. For any of us. For the receiver of that, for the giver of that.

So many believe my quiet nature to be a weak state and I wonder if they don’t understand that I prefer peace and quiet. I’m not going to start an argument when I can quietly let it go and move on. I don’t need to scream and yell to stand up for myself when drama exhausts me. I explain things and talk, communicate. Still working on getting better at that, but I have also learned that sometimes words just aren’t enough, or there’s a point when talking no longer works. For the majority of my life I have been taking care of the people around me and for once I would love to know what it’s like to be taken care of, but that is hard for me. To freely receive and accept that sort of love is foreign to me. What’s worse is that I attract those who consistently tell me “you don’t need anyone to take care of you.”

No, I don’t. But if you’ve ever had someone give generously to you in a romantic nature than do not for one second believe you know what it’s like to be on the other foot. I have only ever been the one who took care of others. I have never had a romantic partner who took care of me. And in fact, never had one who I had anything more than surface level with. I have always taken care of myself. Have always been so independent they believed I didn’t even want them there, need them there, or that there presence was for one reason or another unwanted. I have said countless times that it isn’t the case. I simply struggle with receiving. Hopefully one day that won’t be the case. Hopefully one day I will find that partner who will never give me the “you deserve better than me,” argument and really just stay. Who’ll open up and be there for me.  Talk to me. Not the one always looking for greener or who hurts me, a person I can put my faith into for a change. I am tired of fighting. I want to be the one fought for. That unfortunately is something I have not yet been able to enjoy.

Because I admit, I would like to know what that’s like. When I say, “take care of,” I don’t mean financially, I mean emotionally, physically, deeply. Soul level. I would like to find the one comfortable with accepting all the love I have to pour into them, and who would do the same for me. And no, I don’t need sympathy. I don’t need positive words of encouragement. I may well have found that, time will tell. If not, it means there is someone else out there for moi.

I am simply speaking from the heart. There is this weird idea out there right now that when someone opens up and speaks honestly that they are being “poor me,” because the person only just came across their statement. Or they are needing to be told they are wrong. Or they are needing to be told all the ways that they don’t need this or that to be happy. Who said I wasn’t happy? Just because I said I haven’t had something romantically doesn’t mean I haven’t lived with many friends around me, or known that through friendship.

Anyone who really sees me every day sees that I am laughing and smiling as I play with my dogs. Some days I am too tired to manage a smile (like right now, I didn’t sleep much so I am slug slow in processing speed, lol) but someone doesn’t have to smile 24/7 to be happy. I am deep down inside, happy and content. Not to the point that I don’t want to grow. Not to the point where I’m just twiddling my thumbs as life passes me by, but lord have people become such arrogant “Gods” in their own eyes that they truly believe they know everything and when they pass someone who says something like the above, they must inject their opinion and point out all the flaws, or how they’ve done this or that, or whatever the case may be. They feel they must inject their opinion because their opinion is the correct and only opinion.

But sometimes?

Sometimes people just want to be listened to. Sometimes people simply have to say something that is on their mind. Sometimes people only want to open up and let things out. For no other reason than to get it out. Getting things out and opening up allows us to grow, to learn, to heal, or to simply help another person who may read it and say . . . hey, I feel the same. I know what that is like.

Too many now want to shut down stories and yet what do we all crave? Stories. So the next time you come across something that makes you instantly (I speak to myself in this case as well) want to inject an opinion, think about it. Pause and really ask yourself if what you’re about to say will help them or just add to the noise that compounds us. I understand some don’t realize what they are doing or believe they are helping, but that’s where the pause comes in. We should be more cognizant of the things we say and do. Not everyone needs to hear that sarcastic remark you’re about to make, versus a genuine comment or words that will connect instead of divide.

I know I’m being more discerning with those things. Where I invest my energy is important now. If someone approaches one of my posts, statuses, etc., with sarcasm just to be ridiculous, there is a high chance I am going to delete it or completely ignore them as nothing more than someone uninterested in a genuine connection. Doesn’t mean they’re bad people, but I don’t have to acknowledge people uninterested in connecting with me. And I’ve heard that argument, “maybe they’re just scared on how to approach you.” I’m scared of approaching certain people too. You know what I do? I approach them. Even being petrified, I’m going to approach someone. Those are excuses.

Expecting someone to hop up and down and cheer that you acknowledged them just because they did is the same as a parent forcing a child to hug an adult they don’t want to. Not everyone deserves a reaction. If a man disrespects me or another woman, I don’t have to cheer him on and smile and encourage him or be nice. He is being an asshole. No, he doesn’t deserve an acknowledgement. Just because one person waves doesn’t mean the other has to return it. Understand this: you don’t have to acknowledge anyone you don’t want to. Because many haven’t seen the crude remarks they make in your inbox while publicly they are being nice. Oh, I’ve had that too. In my inbox I was called disgusting names, while publicly they acted like a victim and why was I being so cruel so to the outsider, I was being mean and bitchy.

Dealt with it in my personal life too. Sweet to my face, behind my back told lie after lie after lie so that when I finally came up to that person, they thought I was horrible. And I never knew why until I found out the lies that’d been believed behind my back. Which in one case ruined a lifelong friendship. Because of my trust being broken that someone would believe me so cruel, they lost my friendship forever. I tried. But never again.

Then again, I have those individuals who’ll take time to really think about something I’ve shared or expressed and then give a great and insightful comment. Those are the individuals I will really try to engage with over time. Because that tells me that you are truly interested in a connection with me.

It’s the same when neighbors greet me. There are those who don’t say much, but they genuinely mean it when they ask how a person is doing and you can tell. It’s not about hearing it, it’s a feeling. They aren’t being sarcastic in their approach. They are being genuine. Same as a person you’re standing next to in line who really sees you when you talk to them and doesn’t pay more attention to some random thing. You’ll know who is truly interested in connection. Even if it’s for a brief five minutes of time out of your life. Even if it’s a lifetime friendship built from those first five minutes.

Connection is what’s needed right now. Not sarcasm and disjointedness.

And connection doesn’t mean every single person who crosses your path you must connect with. You do have to be discerning who you connect your energy to. Some will only take from you and give that energy to another. Feed into who feeds you back. Connect with those who connect with you back. Equal give and take. Sometimes that means one month you may give more but there will always be an equaling out of energy exchanged. Invest in those who invest in you. I could keep going, lol.

The quality of the person. The quality of your investment. The quality of your exchange. No more noise. Connect deeply with people.

Continuing on Monday

There yet again time disappeared. Sheesh. In the moment it can feel like it’s slow and puttery as it moves along, but then tomorrow is a month later. Creepy to say the least.

Friday more came up as you can tell by the beginning of this. Saturday I took some time to input the story I mentioned recently that I’d found out 200 pages were missing from the manuscript. I do pretty well now without looking at the keyboard so I don’t have to go back and forth with my attention. Just read down the page and type as I go. Goes along fairly quickly until my fingers get tired and are all . . . nope, not typing correctly, lol. When I’m wide awake, my fingers flow easily over the keyboard, but when tired? Hop, skip, jump about is what the letters do. Well, my fingers, but yeah.

On Saturday I also tried to return the letter of which I mentioned above. In it, he’d said something which has been on my mind. I’d spoken on how I appreciated that he’d always been honest, and truthful. Even if it hurt (though he never intentionally was mean to me I should say, he’s been pretty kind for as long as I’ve known him) in a way. He’d pointed out that “women” liked that about him, it’d been pointed out to him, and he’d brought up the fact that women tended to also bond with him because of his “bad boy” self.

In fact, I chastised him for the comment. Not him as I know what he’s like, who he is and I know that women like that about him, that women out there like bad boys. But it was that comment in the general way. About how women are drawn to bad boys. When I first began to talk to him I knew nothing about that. Nor did I keep the friendship going because of it. It was only because I’d read some of his poetry he wrote, comments on blogs of friends, and I connected with that side of him.

But I do know how women are drawn in because of bad boys. I have been around them my entire life. I grew up with those types. And it’s like I told him, only women who don’t seek stability are attracted to them. They are drawn in by the excitement. Which made me think on it after writing it. It’s true. Women who seek excitement, the guys who drive them batty, they don’t know what’s what. Those tend to be the ones who seek out the bad boys. Who are drawn in by them.

It made me ponder that too. I’ve never really been drawn in by that. No, I don’t like strict rule followers and I do tend to make friends with a lot of “bad boys,” but I think it’s more of the opposites attract philosophy because the bad boy was never the one I was romantically attracted to. Fantasize? Oh sure. But less the bad boy and more the man who went after what he wanted and would let nothing stand in his way. That was my ideal.

As I thought on what he said and what I’d said in the letter I’ll be sending him, which is also pretty may be a goodbye letter (long story but my heart isn’t a revolving door as he’s going to be told), I realized typically (and this could go in the reverse too) the women who would be attracted to the bad boys are the women who’ve led fairly bland lives (that’s the best way to put it, I don’t mean it to sound harsh). They seek excitement. The wonder of not knowing what’s next.

I don’t. For over thirty years I have never known what tomorrow will bring. There has been drama and excitement and craziness. No, I wasn’t out there partying it up, but you don’t need sex, drugs, and rock n roll, etc., to “live it up.” That excitement can come from simply not knowing if tomorrow we’ll have a roof over our head. Or if tomorrow we’re going to be slapped and cruelly thrown down on the ground and choked again just because I opened my mouth when they wanted quiet.

Personally I have had more excitement than I ever needed in a lifetime, which could be why I’m drawn in by the stable, secure, and solid presence now. Not the “I must go, go, go, and you come with!!!” person. No. That tires me to begin to think on it. I don’t mind them constantly going, going, going, but if I’m around a person I don’t know if they’re going to be there tomorrow or not? They keep their emotions silent and I never know where I stand with them? They’re surrounded by the opposite sex and expecting me to take a number? My god is that not attractive at all to me. Give me safe, reliable, stable presence man who has his shit together. Who I know wants me and only me. Who doesn’t make me question what he wants from me. The man who is secure in his home, in his work, so that I’m not going to pair up with him and then deal with headache after headache.

So let me tell you good guys who may read this. If she goes after that “bad boy” who gives her more excitement? Be glad. It means she sought more excitement (and by that I mean indecision and instability) than you could give. Which is a good thing. Who wants to worry all the time and stress over losing someone? Who wants to constantly be in a state of fear?

Trust me. Been there. So truly tired of that. You can still live an exciting life being stable, grounded, and offering security to someone. I want a depth of passion that can only come from that. Maybe also why I’m drawn in by the country. I like the slow-paced life. Sitting on the porch, hanging out in the Summer, just talking with friends. I’ll take that over the hustle and bustle of city life any day.

Very random, very tired, lol. Don’t forget to check below if you missed it the other day. 🙂


And again, I will be including this, but without all the explanation I did on this post – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/2018/05/10/got-a-glimpse-of-milas-life-to-come/

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Got a glimpse of Mila’s life to come

I appreciate all the comments about yesterday’s post. Happy that so many found it worth reading and commenting. Today I’m dealing with a lovely headache that just won’t go away. Aleve is usually my final go-to when all else fails and even that hasn’t made much of a difference so I’ve been taking it easy.

Had to print out Discovery of an Enchantress today. Figured it’d been a bit so better get it done. After going over this old story that has been haunting my mind and finding out that 200 of the pages were not saved in the new file? I mentioned that a few days ago, but figured that was a good reminder to ensure I stay on top of printing out my stories. Used to do it weekly, but I freakin forget a lot. Very close to being done with it. I’m just over 60K at this point.

Last night I also had yet another story tickling my memory. It was going to be a short or novella style, but from my editor’s comment about my originality (in general, I haven’t mentioned that one to her), I had that one pop up. So jotted it down. It has to do with deja vu.

Not gonna go into the story or much else. Headache is still going. I’m trying to get Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition done already, lol. So I’m off to work on that one in just a minute. But first . . .

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Normally I never do that. I get annoyed with others who do it to me too. There are months where I won’t open newsletters or care to read them, but I am also aware that some email clients don’t mark the newsletters as being read when they are. So when I’m unscubscribed from a newsletter it annoys me. I signed up. I wanted to be on it. Don’t unsubscribe me. Right? Even when I’m moody and don’t check email for a while, that doesn’t mean that if I chose to sign up, someone should unsubscribe. Which is why I typically won’t ever do that myself.

I’ve heard of many who do list cleansings but I think it’s more so that only active people are on it for whatever reason. Personally I avoid it. However, since I’ve had this list for a few years and I went through a time where I participated in the newsletter subscriber thing through Instafreebie where people give free books away in exchange for a signup to the newsletter, I know that many didn’t remain active. Understandable ya know, they have so many newsletters, there is no reason to. Which is why I figured this was a great time to just clean up the list overall and make sure that those on this list really do read the newsletter and WANT to be on it.

Then when I send out a coupon or a freebie, I know I am sending to a genuine reader/fan/friend, and not someone who’s going to have that offer sitting in their trash bin or inbox and not caring one way or another.

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This isn’t a bad thing as I said in the newsletter. Just tells them that you want to receive my marketing (me sending you this would even be considered “marketing”) and newsletter. I’m only having all 3 checked in CASE I use them later on, but likely I won’t. Don’t worry, I only keep emails and your first name, if that. But emails are all I have right now.

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Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

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Reach out

Communicate. Open up. Tell people how you feel, what you’re thinking. Stop holding it back.

This is not permission to be cruel and mean. Communication isn’t screaming, putting down, belittling, trolling, etc. Communication is using words to express our truth in an open and honest way without purposefully hurting another for personal entertainment and gain.

This morning different things happened, which coincided with this topic. And then I came across this video. Then later in the afternoon, I had more synchronicities around this topic.

And that’s the topic of connections with other people, opening up to them, talking to them, etc.

Even had a comment on my Facebook profile about this. This has been going on the past few days so I’m going to write this up since I’m taking it as a sign that maybe we all need to say this more. Not just as a reminder to ourselves, but in general.

How many times have we kept our mouths shut, held back our feelings, kept ourselves contained? How many times have we figured someone wouldn’t care, or they wouldn’t notice, or even that they knew already so there was no reason to say anything?

Like saying, “I love you.”

My entire life I’ve held emotions back. My feelings. My expressions of those feelings. I have kept myself restrained from telling people that I loved them. Not too long ago. Just a few years I suppose. I swore never again to keep myself held back. Not just feelings, but my life, my attraction (or lack of it) to other people. It hurts to have people not return feelings. That is a boat I am familiar with floating in alone. I have had far too many that I’ve had feelings for who haven’t felt the same back.

But then I’m sure many men who’ve known me could say the same. The thing with that? Some of those may have been people I had feelings for, but was afraid to express them to. So because they held themselves back from the expressions to me, I moved on, and they lost out. Now I realize yes, as much as that hurt me, I will make an amazing partner to someone. To the someone who chooses me as much as I choose them, and that is why it didn’t work out. It’s because I need that equal. That giver of generosity as I am. That extra special person as I’m not like other people. My editor told me something that truly hit a nerve. I’d confessed I’d never really known what it was like to be romantically loved.

Stalked, raped, harassed, abused? Oh sure. But someone who loved me as I know I deserve and someone who chose me at the end of the day above all others? Who put in the time, energy, and effort into me like I did with them? Who didn’t make me take a number. Who didn’t give me the “I’m busy,” excuse and then just not tell me they weren’t interested? All those lovely excuses and such? My editor told me that she understood how much that had to hurt to go through, but think of it as more that I was being reserved for the one who would truly appreciate me, who would respect the decisions that I’ve made to be who I am. And the person who would truly honor me. That doesn’t lessen the pain of heartbreak I’ve dealt with, but it does put a different stance to it I never considered.

Think of the men in my life who could’ve had the chance to experience that with me, and who didn’t because they held back their emotions and how they truly felt? Not knowing that maybe, just maybe there was a chance that mine were just as strong, and I would be that person for them? Because the thing with me? When I commit my heart? It’s always theirs. Which is why I’ve only deeply deeply loved a couple men in my life. One I knew my entire life.

The other I met about two years ago through Facebook. I swore never to develop feelings for someone I’d met through a social network too. Not like that. But it happened. I’ve seen it happen with friends, we’ve all heard about it, but from my experience with “men online,” I swore them off. Which is why I told him too that life found a way to put us right in each other’s paths. It was interesting to me when I admitted that to an old friend who I knew was supremely cynical in love. I mean he is the ultimate playboy, never hesitates to tell women that there will be nothing but sex with him. As he’s told me plenty. And in his own words, “but then I’m a pig,” lol. He and I have only ever really been what one would consider pen pals. For some strange reason we worked as friends. I always think of the angel and devil. Well, the universe worked through him to explain just how different this connection was for me.

But I bring him up in particular because he’s lived his life in some negative ways. Never really connecting with another human being has led him down a path none of us would want. Mainly, he is in prison right now. I’m obviously not going into detail about him since that’s his life and I don’t discuss private stuff like that. However, on the topic of holding back emotions, I recently learned (through my own realization) why he re-entered my life. The biggest reason being he was unfinished business because I held my emotions back with him and I regretted it. It was because of who he is, what he’s like. I didn’t want to open up because I feared we couldn’t be friends. Back then (nearly ten years now?) that was a big deal for me, not as much now.

In the past some years though, I’ve become a different person. More so after meeting that person above through Facebook. The past two years have changed me as a human being and I’ve come to see what holding our emotions back (or our thoughts) does. All those people who I’ve believed didn’t care about me. All those people who I moved on from (and this is the reverse too) because they didn’t simply open up and tell me how they felt, or tell me things I should’ve been told.

I should clarify this and make this point. This isn’t about me per se. I’m using me and my experiences so you can relate it to your life. But this is a we situation. As in, think of all those who held back from you and you moved on, or you held back from and they moved on. It’s just easier to write it out as me and my experiences. 

We often believe that we don’t need to say something, but then if your best friend died tomorrow, did you tell her/him/them again today that you loved them? Or did you think, “nah, they know.” And tomorrow when they’ve gone, is that the thought you’ll have or, “I should’ve told them I loved them”?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I get those comments on Facebook too. How people missed my posts, missed me, were getting worried, but where were they the past few months I’d been gone? Where were the emails saying hi, or texts asking what I was up to, how was my day. Or the random funny meme they thought I’d like?

Again, reference this to your life. 

When you were thinking about that friend of yours, did you reach out instead of waiting around for them to eventually pop up? I’ve done that. Had a school friend I really liked and we reconnected on Facebook. It’d been a week or two since I’d seen him and thought I’d go say hi and see how he was. When I went to send him a message to see what he was up to I found posts on his wall from wife and friends.

He’d passed away in a trucking accident not too long before that day.

That had happened with my first “sort of” editor I had before Jeanie. She’d never responded to my messages and I’d thought she moved on. After a couple unanswered messages one going, “all right, I get it.” She wasn’t really on Facebook, but I knew she was having a bad time with her husband’s death. Not long after? I found out she died too.

The first guy was MY age. Back then probably around 35-36-ish.  We never know when we’re going to lose someone.

It’s so yesterday to fear opening up. To guarding that heart so viciously that you keep people at a distance so that their loss when they leave won’t hurt us. But I learned it actually makes us lose them. When we hold back from saying, “I really enjoy your posts,” then that person who is constantly posting and not seeing anything more than a casual “like” assumes that people aren’t really caring one way or another so they have no reason to be around.

Again, I should say that I’m not referring to keeping track of comments and likes. What I’m saying is that this new “casual” form of connection doesn’t work. A “like” doesn’t tell someone what SAYING to them, “I love you,” does. A “love” on an Instagram image doesn’t tell your best friend, “I am mad in love with your outfit.” We need communication. We need hearts to reopen.

Yes, we all get robot responses to posts on social networks. We all suffer trolls. But when it comes to the people in our lives we really want to connect with and who really matter? Open up the damn mouth. If I really want to relate it to my life I will also say that I have had actual conversations with celebrities just because I opened up. Just because I had the decency to see them as a human being and not a digital imprint online because it was a social network as if they weren’t human. I treat everyone the same no matter where they are. Standing in front of me? I’ll talk to you just like I am on here. Just like I do on Facebook. You’re no different to me online or off. I’m still not going to be that easy to get close to here or as somene who lives in my neighborhood.

We need to stop relating human beings as “offline” people and “real life” people. Our connections as “oh he’s just a follower,” versus, “that’s my best friend. And I mean the interaction. I don’t mean how close you are to them. If I talk to my neighbor on Facebook, I will speak to them like I do you. We need better communication and instead of being in our heads telling them, “I love your humor,” we need to tell THEM, “I love how unique you are as a person.” Out loud. Maybe not physically out loud, but even in a text yes, it means a damn well lot. People always diminish not hearing someone’s voice because of a text. What if they’re deaf and that text or email or handwritten letter is the only way they can communicate? What if they’re in prison or a grandmother who can’t board a plane every day to visit you across country and can only chat with you on Facebook? That doesn’t diminish them as a human being. It doesn’t lessen your connection.

Connection is about connection. Time, energy, effort. Not about how you’re doing it but that you’re doing it. Investing in that person. You invest it in your work, your job, you should in your relationships. Otherwise they’ll fade.

You can relate what I was trying to make a point with to the phone calls back in the day where they didn’t leave a phone message. Or further back to the letters we’d send one another that weren’t answered until months and months, if not years, later. 

As you can see, I’m using social networking and texts as this current time line, but you can relate it to face-to-face too. Say the person who only ever spent half a second with us before they were having to leave. I’m bad with that those too, trust me.

But it’s also for when someone is trying to connect with us and we’re ignoring them over and over. We’re taking them for granted, figuring they’ll be there tomorrow, but they won’t. There is no guarantee. It’s not that we have to overkill. I can be far too exuberant when I DO express. I’m very playful, but when constantly ignored, when made to feel that my presence is not only no big deal, but they don’t care if I AM there or not? I don’t care what you say. Your actions are JUST as important in those situations and consistently holding back, ignoring. That’s a huge sign to all of us.

Once upon a time I used to go above and beyond. Now I place limits on my value. Opening up and honestly communicating how I feel is important to me though.

HOW we connect and communicate isn’t important. When we connect online, we’re actually, in some ways, connecting deeper. Same as letters, texts, any written form of communication because if we’re being clear, we’re not connecting with the face of the person. What we’re doing is connecting in a deeper way. I’m so quiet face-to-face that opening up is severely hard for me that way. So when people read things like this, they get to really know who I am when I write.

Communication. That is truly the most important thing. Opening up. The old way no longer works. We have to use our words that we were (in some cases) never even taught. And that goes for men too. You guys can and do open up. You do it with one another. You do it with parents. You do when you don’t realize you do. How you say things isn’t as important as you saying it. Just, try.

When we don’t, we can get really lonely thinking a thousand different things and the truth it? Connection comes through intimacy. Intimacy comes through communication and opening up.

No more assuming they don’t need to hear it.

No more fearing saying what you feel.

No more holding back from being the best and most divine being (that you are!) you can be.

Open up. Say what you need to say. It’s not about being quiet. I’m very quiet and a thinker. But that doesn’t mean that if I want to tell you I love you? I won’t. Because now if I want to? I will freakin tell you I love you. I will shout it from the rooftops. I will say it. I can reference a moment regarding the man above. I had even said it on Facebook. I told him I freakin loved him so damn much. To anyone on this planet they’d think, so?

I’ve never said that to anyone in front of other people. 

Not the person I grew up with, not people I grew up with, not my best friend. Nobody. Never have I opened up with anyone like I had with him in the past two years. Much of it comes from having been opening up with my editor and finding her still here. That really is what it is for many of us too, isn’t it?

We’ve opened up and we’ve given generously, only to find them gone down the line. Only to have them tell us in their own way that sorry, but they didn’t feel the same, didn’t want the same.

But every time it went wrong in our lives with one person? It was teaching us, it was growing us. It was helping us become the person we needed to be for that person down the line. And it was putting us one step closer to them.

If we continue to hold back out of fear or thinking they don’t need to hear it though, what we’re doing is risking that person not knowing. It’s that quote.

And who wants to end up sitting by themselves with tons of stuff, but realizing that that moon was what we wanted all along?

At the end of your life, it’s not all those trips you took that you’ll be enjoying and holding onto. It’s not the money you made at work. It’s not the stories you get to tell your friends of all the drunken nights out (this isn’t one I can relate to though, just using it for example, lol).

What matters at the end is if you have that person beside you who you connected with deeply. I know I’m a deeply romantic individual at heart, but is there anything else that can wrap its around around you and hold you tight? I adore my pets, but I do hope to experience that great love in my life. I do hope to have that feeling and to know what it was like to be loved and love with every fiber of my being.

But it’s also important to me to know that I have never held back. Not even the hard things. Because if I hold back that I’m not interested in someone then I’m walling them in and not allowing them to move on. I’m stopping them from finding that great love. Yes, I’ve told men I wasn’t interested in them that way and they have talked about “building a bridge,” to my love to which they obviously didn’t get the point. So on occasion we have to be harsh and completely block them out of our existence.

Even with that hard stuff. Why would you ever stand in the way of someone finding love? If they aren’t interested, let them go, move on, and realize there is someone out there who wants it as badly as you. Who will open up to you, hold onto you, and never allow another that chance because they’ll know: you’re it for them.

Sometimes opening up does come in the form of having to tell someone you’re not interested. That you’re not feeling the way they are. That you’re not it for them. But it can also produce the opposite. We may never feel that loneliness again. We may never have to know what it’s like to not have that partner in crime to come home to at night. We find that equal, we hold onto them. And if they weren’t it, then it means that there is another for you, and they have helped you move that one step closer to them.

Even when it comes to friendships. That all sounds like I’m referring to just romantic love, but it doesn’t have to be. Even when it comes to friends. It took my editor almost 6 years to finally get me to open up. I still have problems truly believing that tomorrow she won’t be gone. It’s a symptom of suffering broken trust too many times. Of suffering too much loss.

But now, more than ever we are seeing that difference in the world. Communication is everything. It doesn’t matter how you say it. Just speak.

Say it. Tell them. Now. Not tomorrow. Not later. Tell them this instant. Stop fearing the past coming true. Because this isn’t the past.

If you’re wanting to reach out to someone, then you need to reach out to them now. Nobody is guaranteed another breath. And while you’re over-thinking, worrying over the reaction you’ll receive, they may be wanting to hear from you, but fear reaching out more. One of you has to give. Your text, your comment, your anything. It may mean everything to that person.

Makes me think of a scene from a movie or TV show I’d seen. Guy was about to take his life and his daughter called him to see how he was. Or it was a mother. Maybe mom. Anyway, the point is . . . right at that moment they thought there was nothing for them and that it would be better if they were gone? Their child reached out to them thinking all was well and just felt like saying hi. That call made the difference between life and death. They realized they had everything they needed in life and changed their world.

I always refer to death, but that really is what it is. If we don’t appreciate, love, and feel gratitude for what we have, it’s taken away. And holding ourselves back from even talking to that neighbor who we appreciate for their quiet, or for being just a good parent, whatever it is. When we hold back, we’re the ones who make this world cold. We’re the ones responsible for everything bad we see.

Don’t you think it’s about time we change the way we are so that this world becomes that open loving world? You can’t change others. But if you pick up the phone, add that social network comment (let’s stop the hate for social networks folks as again, it’s what WE make it and for me it’s allllllll about connection, community, and love), send that handwritten letter or a card. Walk across the street and knock on that door.

We are so blessed to live in an age which we can connect with video, with calls, texts, comments, messages, emails, handwritten letters, heck carrier pigeons might exist somewhere, haha. So why do we still hold ourselves and the world back, from connection? From love? From being the divine human beings we are?

It’s up to us to make this world better. Each individual who changes themselves for the better and who becomes a better person can turn this world around. A single rock can send ripples into the biggest body of water on this planet. Think about that. A single small rock can change an ocean.

So what are you doing? Reach out and open up. Speak.

Nobody said it’d be easy.

And maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. It’s time.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Friday at – 57,048

Ended Friday at – 58,538

Total word count for Friday – 1,490

The Queen is back

Now they’re gonna have their hands full. Not only has Mila made Kat feel better and given her what Kat truly needed (earth’s energy – magic, love, whatever you’d like to call it), but I think this is gonna make Kat feel better than she has in a while. So . . . ya know. Look out?

Let’s face it. When she’s up to par, Kat is pure trouble. And her daughter is missing, in trouble potentially, and momma vamp is not going to sit by and just twiddle her little thumbs. Not when Kat is incapable of that on a normal day. What makes anyone think that the Queen of the Awakened will when she id fully functional?

The Queen is back and boy howdy she is not going to sit idly by.

I also happen to notice that this is near the end of the book. So it’s timely. Because we’ll be switching off to Kylarra soon in the 3rd book, I’ll share that cover now, and the story needs to be showing what’s happening with her now that Kat and Mila are about to work together to find her. Yes, yes, with the others too.

But Mila and Kat, then Ky, are the main focus. I also plan to go over the other four books that I still have to edit soon (in this Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world). I need to really remember everything I’ve brought up, haven’t, etc. I read through a chapter to refresh my mind the other week and realized that I put in a character not knowing something, but in the old book, they knew it or learned it. Which means I will have to mark and fix that later on in edits. Lot of information to remember. This is why I don’t actually remember anything in life, lol. My mind is wrapped up in ze books.

Here is the cover for the 3rd book in the Eternal Souls series.

Also, here are some gardening photos I took yesterday.

Discovered the name of this! London Pride. Those flowers are like baby’s breath, but they are stiiiiiicky.
I’m fascinated that these 3 pics are of the same bluebells, but some flowers are tiny, some more blue, some really big. SAME plant. Literally. Take bulbs, put in different areas of the yard. Soil is fairly similar too (our soil is like clay). Which means that depending on the shade/sun component, they look different.


My pretty ivory columbine coming into bloom. This particular plant is directly in the center of the backyard and has become like a bush this year. I like it. I prefer more natural colors, not bright different colors so this neutral one there looks nice among the Ivy and the ferns.


Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Friday at – 55,895

Ended Friday at – 57,048

Total word count for Friday – 1,153

Loss, upheaval, loss.

It’s amazing how many losses one can go through. Every single year I’ve suffered a huge loss since 2015. 2017 was emotionally nutso and the energies too. It was exhausting. I was hoping 2018 would be better. We are now at May and I’m just tired of all the changes and exhausting losses that keep happening in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to be grateful for and many of those losses were things I’ve chosen. I don’t regret those choices. I don’t do anything in my life without thought behind it. I’ve also had a lot of wins like getting to meet some amazing new people. But I swear it’s been one upheaval after another lately.

I’m not going to go into the story today, but over the weekend I decided to take out this story which has been haunting me more and more. Not sure what it is about it, but for the past few weeks or so, the story keeps coming to mind. When I originally wrote the story, there was a new take on Neanderthals. To me it feels as if I just wrote it. Well, come to find out that I wrote it in 1999! lol So not so much yesterday as much as quite a bit ago.

Years after I wrote the book, I found other ideas for it striking my fancy. Not sure where they came from, but I played with them and didn’t realize I had so much information written down until yesterday when I was going over all of it. I was trying to organize the information so that I could outline the book and see what’s there, maybe merge the two ideas to make something new. Not that the original wasn’t good, but much of the ideas I had to add TO the original Neanderthal story would fit in and make a longer (and more interesting) story.

It’s good in a way because some of the names ended up getting used in other stories too and needed a replacement.

Also, I discovered it was good because I found the newer file only had 100 pages saved, but the printed out form is near 300. That is a lot of replacing. I found an app yesterday which I was trying out that will come in handy. Microsoft Lens. Or Office Lens – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/office-lens/9wzdncrfj3t8

If I take a picture of a typed up document, I can save and export that file into Microsoft Word as an OCR file. Which means it’ll convert the typed text into a digital and editable text I can work with. Same font in some cases. Size might be different though, but yesterday everything from the old notes were converting so well I didn’t need to alter too much. Even my dashes, commas, and periods were being scanned well. A couple words were goofy and needed fixing though. Considering I have to reinput about 200 pages, I’d say that’s handy though. I don’t mind typing it up since I’ve become a fairly fast typer though.

We’ll see which I use. It does take time to take the image, have it convert, and input into a Word document, then copy and paste into the original file. Might takes less time for me to simply retype the words. I’m throwing that story into the “play with on the side” mix though.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Friday at – 52,895

Ended Friday at – 55,076

Total word count for Friday – 2,180

Started Monday at – 55,076

Ended Monday at – 55,895

Total word count for Monday – 819

Just word count

Not in a place to delve into the story today or anything else. So this is just the word count.

Discovery of an Enchantress coverToday’s word count for Discovery of an Enchantress

Started Wednesday at – 50,381

Ended Wednesday at – 52,895

Total word count for Wednesday – 2,514