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Narrowing down the idea

In the first part of this, I mentioned having a dream that inspired the [potential] idea for a story. Dream that turns into story idea – follow my creation of this story With that post, I mostly just left it vague, general, and all over the place. I was talking about questions to ask, ideas to follow, where we could go. Or I technically. You if you wanted toContinue reading “Narrowing down the idea”


Rather than always posting to my socials, here’s some fun pics of Cheyenne. She is a Shih Tzu. Harassing her while I’m working on this outline. That hair! She needs to be my stylist. I’m trying to outline a story I’ve had done for years, but always put off rewriting. Because yes it needs a total rewrite. Not just an edit. Why? I’d have to completely overhaul 99.9%Continue reading “Cheyenne”

Discovery of an Enchantress paperback

About to hit publish on the paperback for Discovery of an Enchantress. First try = perfect. Here are some of the pictures on what it looks like. That means in the next month, it will filter out to the retailers. The blurriness is camera takers fault, not the cover itself. User error only.

Thoughts as I go

This is for my series and posts that I began the other day. Last weekend, in fact. My first post around how to generate plot, how to develop ideas was here – Dream that turns into story idea – follow my creation of this story I was thinking, I should add a couple things as I go. Are you like me, where you think of stuff after that youContinue reading “Thoughts as I go”

Dream that turns into story idea – follow my creation of this story

Two things to address before I go into this. One, I don’t mind you playing with this idea below, just don’t offer for me to use anything. You can ask my help for you to develop it to write yourself, but I won’t take your idea and write it. I’m happy to help you pursue your own though. 🙂 Two, this isn’t going to be a story thatContinue reading “Dream that turns into story idea – follow my creation of this story”

Random old pictures

Photos of my dad. If you look closely above, those glasses aren’t part of the mask. They are his. He put the mask on, then his glasses over that. lol This is a photo on the wall in my brother’s room. We have a small montage of photos and items from his Navy days. Just a couple random photos I found in my FB “on this day,” linkContinue reading “Random old pictures”

Writing/Journaling prompts

Instead of just using these on my own blog, I thought I would share them here. My plan had been to use them to write up a post about each one so if I end up doing so, I’ll link below. If you do, I’d love you to drop your own. I take no credit for any of the prompts below. The idea is to make a journalContinue reading “Writing/Journaling prompts”

Got the digital format up

Okay, just about to get started in on the paperback for Discovery of an Enchantress. See if I can write this up before I’m called again from the living room. I just posted the first chapter (previous blog on this site) on here, and over on darkmoondynastyuniverse.com too. Also quick note on that while it’s in my mind. I realized why the links show wordpress in the middleContinue reading “Got the digital format up”


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Hi, I’m Kim. (Or Kimberly, Kimmie, Kimmers, people call me a lot of things and I’m okay with that.) I went FT with my writing back around 2012. A nice life upheaval made the decision for me, truthfully. I went through 2 different pen names before using my real name on the books around 2015-ish. Before that I sold Avon, was a Nanny, and House & Pet Sitter as well.

I have a pack I often share pictures of, I’m constantly confused with Kim Iversen, and on this blog you’ll find me psycho-analyzing my characters as inspiration for life, or discussing my writing & life. Every day I try to be a better person. Don’t hesitate to say hi. Being kind is a way of life for me, and I will strike up conversations with total strangers if we’re both standing in line so I have no problems with out of the blue questions. Just don’t be rude about it.

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