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Journey Through Life

Getting started

on inputting the edits for Treasures Discovered in the Forest. I decided on this one before the next in The Guardian of Life world so that I can have a temp mind adjustment. It’s a short story based in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. An erotica for anyone who wanted a little based around […]

Creations is up on paperback

Okey folksies, Creations of the Galaxy is officially up on paperback. Not only that, but I also got Time of the Chosen back up. I had to update the interior, but then realized that it was going to make me have to charge a lot more money to the readers (lowest I could set it […]

Finished Book One

Yesterday I finished writing Book One in the Sorceress world. Aesyloraden – The Royal Golden Lands. So I will now be outlining and plotting out the second. I was going to do it a few weeks ago and gut said just wait a minute. Then do it once I was done with the first. Because […]

Yet another method

People often ask – how did the book come about. How did you outline. How did you blank. Here’s the start of Ancient Scars I believe. I mean it in both ways. The literal beginning was the first line. But this is where the story came from. One day I thought of the line, heard […]

Powerful song

This song is just . . . powerful. Only I used it today for two characters to connect, not die off. lol (The imagery matches their looks too.) When their eyes lock and he ignites the magic within her that she’s been trying to discover, to learn, to use. And he realizes just what it […]

Moving steadily along

Finally got my stories page all done and updated. That being the one here – Tried to simplify it as much as possible, but that is sort of an “index” of all the work I have written, that’s in edits, and that I have published so it needs to show everything. On mobile some […]

It’s live . . . again!

Also close to getting Savage Lands back up on paperback, and a random observatory note. Reminder if you like. I’m hoping to get the Savage Lands paperback up by the end of this month (May 2022). I ended up having to adjust the cover image, and a lot of the interior file. Stuff I wanted […]

One more paperback down

Over the weekend I have been working on getting the Savage Lands paperback down, and then back up. For those new, I was already planning on pulling all my paperbacks from Amazon and moving them to Lulu. (You’ll still find them for sale on Amazon after the switch, it’s just Lulu will handle the sales […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Kim. (Or Kimberly, Kimmie, Kimmers, people call me a lot of things and I’m okay with that.) I went FT with my writing back around 2012. A nice life upheaval made the decision for me, truthfully. Before then I sold Avon, was a Nanny, and House & Pet Sitter as well.

I have a pack I often share pictures of, I’m constantly confused with Kim Iversen, and on this blog, you’ll find me psycho-analyzing my characters as inspiration for life or discussing my writing & life. Every day I try to be a better person. Don’t hesitate to say hi. Being kind is a way of life for me, and I will strike up conversations with total strangers if we’re both standing in line, so I have no problems with out of the blue questions. Just don’t be rude about it.

I also am happy to answer questions about self-publishing, writing, and anything else. Truly benefits us both. By helping you, I learn more myself. That is always a good thing.

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