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Even if you don’t agree, there’s knowledge to learn with an open mind

I’ve been enjoying this man’s videos as of late. This one is a nice one too. I never knew JP before last(?) year so I didn’t have a preconceived notion about him. I also don’t agree with everything that Jordan Peterson will say, but I find him fascinating and helps me to truly think about a lot of my own issues I have to deal with, heal through, […]

Purpose and Meaning

Where do you find purpose and meaning in life? Is there one? Do we create it, or find it? I’d love to hear your answers below. This is something I’ve been pondering a lot as of late. Essentially the meaning of life. Now, I should preface this by saying that in truth, I’ve always felt that the biggest answer to this lifelong question is to put it simply […]

Onto Charred Wings

I started to input the changes from the Charred Wings manuscript into the physical. When I went to start working on it, it crept me out. I opened the file, right? And it said “what shall we convert it to?” I’m all, uh wait? No. No, don’t tell me the file is corrupted and I have to retype everything, not just changes! Absolutely not. I completely disregard that […]

Sent Scorched Silence off

On Saturday morning I sent Scorched Silence to Jeanie for her first thoughts. I finished on Friday night, at 5pm, but I didn’t actually finished everything until Saturday morning because I wrote up the background for the world. In this one I wanted to prep her a lot more than normal because of a lot of the background information isn’t even included in the first book. It’s an […]

Published – Granddaughter’s

Published A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew on paperback. Had issues with the cover so it got put a bit behind. I needed to fix some of the writing along the side so needed to wait for another proof. But I just hit publish on the paperback earlier so it’ll be distributed to all vendors now. Been having some really good writing days with Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega […]

First read through

I am starting the read through for Scorched Silence today. Should be sending it off to Jeanie for her first thoughts around when I predicted. First week of September. Potentially Friday, September 3rd. I usually take the weekends off and I will especially be taking this weekend off considering last night I didn’t get much sleep. Tummy pain.

Working through

Woke up with an extreme case of the dizzies today. It was so bad I could barely walk and ended up not being able to handle breakfast. Thought I could. And then I couldn’t. In case it was a budding migraine I took some aspirin but didn’t have Aleve which works best for me on the rare case that it crops up. So I’ve been taking it easy […]

How similar they can be

This will be in regard to the current story I’m writing – Sofrir and Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III. Thought I should preface these (if I remember to) in case someone new stumbles upon one of these posts. They may not realize I write based off stories a lot. I haven’t been but I enjoy breaking down the psychological aspects and the philosophical beliefs, then turn around and […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Kim. (Or Kimberly, Kimmie, Kimmers, people call me a lot of things and I’m okay with that.) I went FT with my writing back around 2012. A nice life upheaval made the decision for me, truthfully. I went through 2 different pen names before using my real name on the books around 2015-ish. Before that I sold Avon, was a Nanny, and House & Pet Sitter as well.

I have a pack I often share pictures of, I’m constantly confused with Kim Iversen, and on this blog you’ll find me psycho-analyzing my characters as inspiration for life, or discussing my writing & life. Every day I try to be a better person. Don’t hesitate to say hi. Being kind is a way of life for me, and I will strike up conversations with total strangers if we’re both standing in line so I have no problems with out of the blue questions. Just don’t be rude about it.

I also am happy to answer questions about self-publishing, writing, and anything else. Truly benefits us both. By helping you, I learn more myself. That is always a good thing.

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