Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

MaryBeth is just your average housewife with two perfect children, an amazing husband, and a lot of land she simply adores. When a new virus crops up, the government issues a flu shot they urge the citizens to get. To protect the public, and themselves.

For your safety.

Something doesn’t feel right. She’s standing in line to get her shot, doing the right thing as any good mother will do when a man bursts through from the back. He doesn’t look so good. When he falls at her feet and whispers a word she prays she didn’t hear, things unravel.

The shot will help, right?

This story is a part of the Into The Midst compilation, or purchase it by itself at any major retailer. Or use the link below.

Genre: Horror Mystery

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Wet pavement, brick walls on either side that looked as dark as the evening around them. Damp, smells of mold, garbage, urine, rotten food. Dark green metal rolling dumpster with a black lid. Closed. Not total darkness because of the street lamp. The barest of light touched the corners of the alley here and there.

Trash cans, glinting silver against the night. Some upright, some lying on their sides. Bags of trash sitting up against the trash cans, stinking up the atmosphere. Emergency staircase with the bottom ladder pulled up.

First distant, and low, then louder, and louder still. More urgent. A deep bark. Another, then another. A German Shepherd. Insistent, demanding, relentless, sensing the change in the atmosphere. Barking, barking, barking.

A screeching yelp—

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