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Anika Dinsmore is a ticking time bomb, but so are the defalne trying to kill and infect all human life on the planet.

So far her day as a sofrir had been decent enough. She migrates away from the group of pheirgr behind her and the group in front of her because they had their own sofrir to lead them. Neither needed her senses to guide them to where the next hoard was located.

The sense of danger envelopes her like a sheet of ice. The day was almost over. No groups were around her. It was against the rules to pursue alone. But they didn’t hear the sniff of that child who changed everything.

They call us the suffering. We are their guides and they are our shields.

This is the sixth story in The Guardian of Life world from Kimberly Sue Iverson.
This world blends Science Fiction and Fantasy with a dash of Horror.

This story is not part of the main arc to the series. It’s a story within that world.

Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller, Sci-Horror, Horror Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy

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