Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Take a trip into The Guardian of Life world. A world which will take you throughout many different planetary systems, from the mind of Kimberly Sue Iverson, and down into the darkness of A’nosi Prime where all are warned . . . do not dare go into that darkness for you may not return. Do not dare grow old or you may find yourself on a planet where only the true survivors win. Do not dare cross the law of the A’nosi Prime Coalition (APC) and enter the A’nosi Justice System, or they will find you whether on Cromov or hidden deep inside your own body. The Oracles always know.

This world blends Science Fiction and Fantasy with a dash of Horror.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find all the books connected to the world in a handy list.

Main Story Arc

Hope of the Future

In a future dystopian world, humans have evolved into an advanced race. Amaranthines have learned to harness the Earth’s energy and use it to prolong their lives, but at a cost.

In a world that has grown cold and distant, and hasn’t seen a child born in a long time, there comes a female unlike all the rest, possessing the ability to give them everything they need. Yet she has sworn to watch this new universe burn. A place that took everything from her and left her for dead.

There are those trying to convince her to save the world, while there are others trying to destroy her, and any hope she brings.

Which side will win?

Daughter of the Red Planet

Eli’ane is a dying planet. With a sun and moon that burn bright and hot like a furnace, the plants die, the red dirt amplifies the hard living. When the pickings are slim, the people do what they must to survive.

Haley finds herself in an electrical storm and thinks she will die. She doesn’t, nor does her dog. Instead, she finds herself on an odd planet. The people she encounters look strangely at her dog and her.

As if they haven’t seen a human in a long time.

As if . . . hungry.

Ancient Scars

Everything is dead or dying. How can anyone live in this atmosphere? They can’t.
I can’t.

Eli’ane is a dying planet. With a sun and moon that burn bright and hot like a furnace, the plants die, the red dirt amplifies the hard living. When the pickings are slim, the people do what they must to survive.

Day after day Ellie is asked by her father if she had her vitamins. Her husbands Jack, Stone, and Jeremiah pester her about them as well.

All her life she was of the mindset that the vitamins were for her own good. To protect her from the people of the planet. Ellie lives. They don’t. So why the exhaustion? Why does it seem that the more vitamins her father gives her, the more exhausted she becomes? What is wrong with her? Just what is she becoming?

Under Empty Stars

Ellie is fairly certain she’s dying. The inferno that blasted her from behind threw her across the room. After being injected with a shot that changed everything, destroyed the illusions.

She’s stuck in a room with men she doesn’t trust. Men she can’t trust. Men who want to kill her. Men who were paid by her father, to kill her mother.

As if that’s not enough, she’s told the inhabitants of Eli’ane are coming after her. All of them. To kill her.

Now what is she going to do?

Other stories in the world

You can read these in any order. Best read after main story arc which will have a lot of information once reading the rest, but not necessary.

Creations of the Galaxy

In 2032 the world fell, but she was already on her way out.

Prism Sanctity faces the reality that she and her best friends, Tristan and Nathaniel, are going to lose their lives to whatever lay dormant inside the Earth for all these centuries and were activated to take out the planet.

Planets had already been on the news, facing extinction, as some sort of microbe floated through space, enveloping them in black rot from the inside out, only to burn and leave nothing behind.

Out of thin air appears an oblong shape which she doesn’t want to admit bears a freakishly close resemblance to what appears to be a . . . UFO.

When the door opens and reveals two individuals telling her to get in so they can leave, the strangeness only begins to grow. They raise the ante with the creature who is too adamant about getting her inside.

Then . . . they call her their daughter.

Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III

Anika Dinsmore is a ticking time bomb, but so are the defalne trying to kill and infect all human life on the planet.

So far her day as a sofrir had been decent enough. She migrates away from the group of pheirgr behind her and the group in front of her because they had their own sofrir to lead them. Neither needed her senses to guide them to where the next hoard was located.

The sense of danger envelopes her like a sheet of ice. The day was almost over. No groups were around her. It was against the rules to pursue alone. But they didn’t hear the sniff of that child who changed everything.

They call us the suffering. We are their guides and they are our shields.

Ready to begin?

Below is the playlist for The Guardian of Life world on Spotify and/or YouTube. YouTube is used more frequently so there are way more songs on the list. Music I listen to while working in the world. Never know what you’ll find.

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