Into The Midst

Official Into The Midst 2017

Into The Midst is a compilation of 10 short horror and horror mystery tales by Kim Iverson, including three that are exclusive to this collection.

  1. The Boy with the Lighter
  2. Trust Your Instincts
  3. Story of Her Career
  4. The Prison Yard – exclusive
  5. 3 AM
  6. Silence – exclusive
  7. Family
  8. The River – exclusive
  9. Caught in the Dark
  10. At Night They Come

Genre: Horror

Where to Purchase


(If the store you want isn’t listed, manually search on the site itself.)

Paperback can be found at all major retailers and many smaller stores.

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One Reply to “Into The Midst”

  1. I like the “Trust your instincts” sample. Ill get into the midst on the first, next week. Also ill actually keep my eyes open at the store. Its moving Kim, It had me looking for what the dog was barking at…yes.

    Liked by 1 person

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