A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew

Gabriella is totally mad crazy for Kendrick. She just doesn’t know what she’ll do if she doesn’t find a way to get the werewolf alone.

She understands that there is a some sort of problem being that is feeding off magic in the realm and upsetting the Sorceress, but does her grandmother not understand – her problems are just as serious?

It turns out her problems aren’t all that stand in her way.

This short story will introduce us to clues and hints of a world we never understood existed. It takes place long after a world to come from Kimberly Sue Iverson in which the Sorceress is born again, and the entire magical realm feels the shift throughout all kingdoms. The magical realm of Aesyloraden, The Royal Golden Lands, isn’t all that is changed forever.

Enter a world of magic and might. A Fantasy Adventure world for adults the world over. Get to know the Dra’ha’kra, Lycaen, the Sorceress, and far more. Careful not to get too close to those pixies though. As cute as they may be, they might just take a chunk out of your face, or a whole finger should they please.

Series Title: Info to come

1 – Titles and info to come

This short story is part of the Chronicles of the Sorceress Maeve – Fortunes of Magic world.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure world for Adults, Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Dark Fantasy

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