Kimberly Sue Iverson

Multi-Genre Author of fiercely wicked rebel hearts who love with all their courageous soul.

In a future dystopian world, humans have evolved into an advanced race. Amaranthines have learned to harness the Earth’s energy and use it to prolong their lives, but at a cost.

In a world that has grown cold and distant, and hasn’t seen a child born in a long time, there comes a female unlike all the rest, possessing the ability to give them everything they need. Yet she has sworn to watch this new universe burn. A place that took everything from her and left her for dead.

There are those trying to convince her to save the world, while there are others trying to destroy her, and any hope she brings.

Which side will win?

This is the first novel in The Guardian of Life series from Kimberly Sue Iverson.
This world blends Science Fiction and Fantasy with a dash of Horror.

Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller, Sci-Romance

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Ronin’s Map

Curious where the Zones are? Want to see what Ronin’s been hunting and learning through the years? Click the map to view full size. Then right click and “save image as,” to download. Use however you like.


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