Creations of the Galaxy

Note – draft synopsis. I’ll fix later on, but gives a good idea for now.

In 2032 the world fell, but she was already on her way out.

Prism Sanctity faces the reality that she and her best friends, Tristan and Nathaniel, are going to lose their lives to whatever lay dormant inside the Earth for all these centuries and were activated to take out the planet.

Planets had already been on the news, facing extinction, as some sort of microbe floated through space, enveloping them in black rot from the inside out, only to burn and leave nothing behind.

Out of thin air appears an oblong shape which she doesn’t want to admit bears a freakishly close resemblance to what appears to be a . . . UFO.

When the door opens and reveals two individuals telling her to get in so they can leave, the strangeness only begins to grow. They raise the ante with the creature who is too adamant about getting her inside.

Then . . . they call her their daughter.

This is the fifth novel in The Guardian of Life series from Kim Iverson, which blends Science Fiction with Fantasy and a sprinkling of Horror. This story is not part of the main arc to the series. It’s a story within that world.

Series Title: The Guardian of Life

  1. Hope of the Future
  2. Daughter of the Red Planet
  3. Ancient Scars
  4. Under Empty Stars
  5. Creations of the Galaxy

Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller, Sci-Horror, Horror Fantasy

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Paperback can be found at all major retailers and many smaller stores.

Read the first chapter here –

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