Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood

Kennedy Jenkins is stuck in an ancient attic with all sorts of knickknacks and items spinning of their own accord. Just outside the door is a madman. She hears a sound behind her and spins around expecting to find a ghost. Nothing is there.

Stuck in the Sylphline Realm she didn’t know existed long ago, stuck in a castle by a madman who may kill her, Kennedy Jenkins doesn’t know who to believe anymore. But one thing is for sure. The fact that she has two sets of wings and one pair is golden, means quite a lot to the Sylphs.

Receiving help from a ghost, she’s led into a passage that takes her down, down, down into a room filled with darkness which eats her torchlight. It’s cold, she realizes she’s not alone, and what lurks within may kill her.

The beast which has guarded the royal castle for centuries holds her fate in his grip. And she made him an enemy.

Series Title:  Sylphline Realm

  1. Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice
  2. Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood

Genre: Fantasy

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