Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Anora left The City of Grace and the festivals behind. There is far too much cheer for her to deal with today. Having broken up with her now ex-boyfriend Spenser, the cheer of the crowds makes her sad. Watching Spenser doing his duty as one of the guards who work for the King, she needs a break.

What she needs . . . is an adventure. She decides that’s the day she walks away from the home she knew, and goes in search of what . . . she doesn’t know. There is something out there for her, and she plans to find out what.

She’s wandering through the forest, talking to the sparrows who are upset by her appearance and catching sight of a raven who seems intent on what she’s up to. Lost in the beauty and magic of the unknown forest, she doesn’t hear the sound until it’s too late. A hood is thrown over her head and she’s knocked out.

Adventure she wanted, but Anora didn’t think that meant this.

A Fantasy Adventure story from author, Kimberly Sue Iverson, that opens up a world of magic, Druids, and creatures from the darkness. All centering on what is the first Druid this world has seen in a long time . . . and she’s female.

Genre: Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure

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