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Kennedy Jenkins is having lunch with her father and brother. Her brother is acting weird. As if he expects something to go wrong at any minute. When a group of men show up, it all comes to a head.

They want to talk to him alone. Kennedy knows if they do, they’ll kill him. She notices strange glowing silvery marks along their arms. The problem? She’s the only one. But she hasn’t gone unnoticed. They notice. And she has a feeling that she just put a clock on her own life.

Out of nowhere, a feeling and inner voice comes forth, telling her to shift and lead them away. To go up.

Shedding her human life for a life filled with flying, wings, and men chasing her down, Kennedy sheds a past that may have been a lie, for a future she has to figure out on her own with limited information. Heading for protection with a dark beast in a dark cave that she didn’t know existed until this moment, she realizes too late that he may end up the one she needs protection from.

Enter a land of fantasy in the Sylphline Realm where our future may be one filled with wings. The first in a two-part series from writer, Kimberly Sue Iverson, is sure to make you want to shed your human skin for a land of beauty and flight.

Series Title:  Sylphline Realm

  1. Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice
  2. Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood

Genre: Fantasy

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