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In a post apocalyptic world, Rovdyren have been hunted to near extinction.

The Alpha has incited fear in all hearts – human and beast alike. His bite can heal, but as of late destruction is all he’s been about. They say he’s gone to the darkest parts of himself. Savage to the extreme. On the hunt for what doesn’t exist – a mate. Losing his mind in the process.

Kenley and her older brother, Sawyer, are part of a small pack of eight. They know that in such harsh lands, they already have slim chance at survival. They’ve managed to keep to themselves, keep out of the way of The Alpha, knowing he will tear through their meager numbers. But their pack hasn’t survived all this time for nothing.

Scavenging through an old town one day, Kenley’s instincts scream danger is coming.

But danger has already arrived.

The Alpha is on the hunt.

First written record: E18
Original Name:Rovdyren (Rowv-deer-en)
Scientific Name:Lykus Sapiens, Homo-Lupine, Homo Lycan.
Other Known Names:Ferals, Tainted, The Raging, Werewen, Varulv.
Gene symbol(s): APDTA, APDT
Gene description: Apex Predator Alpha, Apex Predator
Body Type:Humanoid, Two Legged Upright, Two arms. Five fingers and five toes. Eerily humanoid.
Far from human behavior, beware. Remain cautious of hands. Can form claws instantly.
Unusual Features:Various feral features combination, including fur, fangs, heightened senses, claws. Caution is advised upon contact.
Origin:Led to believe humans branched out from primate and canine. Caution is advised of ability to persuade others to such truths.
Origin Notes: We believe their name came from the Egyptian “Wepwawet.” Note use of the symbol. This is the first known written record of their existence.
Notes:These beasts are valued for their DNA and healing properties. Most of all the rare Alpha marker, or APDTA. Those who exhibit the APDTA strain are to be detained as soon as possible. Extreme caution when dealing with those holding the APDTA gene. Unstable, lawless, crude, beyond functionality, insane to the extreme. Implement highest security measures. Do not engage alone. If necessary keep the hunters close by.
Reference: Physicians Reference, 1900, film article 23.d9sD (Author Note – not a real book. Built for this fiction world.)

Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi

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