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Books I’ve finished writing,
but are waiting in their
little corner to be edited.


Series Title: 
Eternal Souls Universe
Where in series – 
Book Three
Dark Fantasy


Series Title:

Where in series – 
Science Fiction


Series Title: 
Dragon’s Dawn

Where in series – 
First Book
Dark Fantasy


Series Title: 
The Guardian of Life

Where in series – 
Extra story related to series
Genre: Sci-Fantasy


Series Title: 
Where in series – 



Series Title: 
Where in series – 



Series Title: 
Where in series – 



Series Title: 
Dynasty of Moirae
Where in series – 
Companion Book

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Erotica

Everything below are my books published, written, edited, not edited.

They are put in order of world, series. Individual novels, shorts, and compilations.

So . . . everything.


  Dark Illusions Series

  Enchanting the Moon Series

Don’t Go Far – November 2015

Witness to the Moon – June 2017

Claiming the Enchantress – September 2019

  Dynasty of Moirae Series

Blood By Night – re-released November 2019

Law of the Beast – April 2020

Birth of a Princess – July 14, 2020

  Law of the Beast Companion Novelette

Property of the Pack – not yet released

  Eternal Souls Universe Series

Fury of a Queen – October 26, 2020
Discovery of an Enchantress – December 23, 2020
War of the Lycaen  – not yet released

  Companion Short Stories

Sean (Osveta) – August 2019
DoXr – August 2019

Hope of the Future – March 2015

Ancient Scars – November 2016

Under Empty Stars – Released Nov 1, 2017

Cessation – February 1, 2017

Mitosis – December 2019

Stand Alone -Novel

Anora – released November 2017

The Culling Cycle – April 2018

Savage Lands – not yet released
Guardians of the Void– not yet released

Discovery & Deception – not yet released

Stand Alone
Novella &

Immortal Separation – November 2014

Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern – not yet released

Stand Alone
Short Story

Trust Your Instincts – January 2016

The River – released in Into The Midst compilation

At Night They Come –
released in Into The Midst compilation

Her Soul’s Destiny – September 28, 2018
3AM – January 5, 2021
Silence – exclusive to the Into the Midst compilation
The Prison Yard – exclusive to the Into The Midst compilation
The Boy with The Lighter – January 4, 2021
Story of Her Career – January 5, 2021
Family – January 5, 2021
Caught In The Dark – January 5, 2021
Bittersweet Reality – August 2016


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