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Next To Release

The Culling Cycle
The Culling Cycle – releasing Spring 2018

Most Recent Release

Anora – January 19, 2018

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe

Dark Illusions Series

Dynasty of Moirae Series

Blood By Night
Blood By Night – April 2016
Law of the Beast
Law of the Beast – not yet released
Birth of a Princess
Birth of a Princess – not yet released
Law of the Beast Companion Novelette
Property of the Pack
Property of the Pack – not yet released

Enchanting the Moon Series

Don't Go Far - November 2015
Don’t Go Far – November 2015
Witness to the Moon
Witness to the Moon – not yet released
Claiming the Enchantress - not yet released
Claiming the Enchantress – not yet released

Eternal Souls Series

Fury of a Queen - Book One
Fury of a Queen – Release date to be determined
Discovery of an Enchantress - Book Two
Discovery of an Enchantress – Release date to be determined

Book Three – Coming Soon

DMD timeline

Where the characters exist in time according to this Universe.

Guardian of Life Series

2015 cover
Hope of the Future – March 2015
Official AS Cover - Book 2
Ancient Scars – November 2016
Official UES Cover - Book 4
Under Empty Stars – Releasing Nov 1, 2017

Sylphline Realm Series

The Alchemist Series

Cessation - Book One
Cessation – February 1, 2017
Mitosis - Book Two
Mitosis – not yet released

Stand Alone


2015 cover
Always Consequences – March 2013
Anora – releasing November 2017


Immortal Separation – November 2014

Short Story

trust your instincts
Trust Your Instincts – January 2016
Official Cover
The River – not yet released
at night they come
At Night They Come – not yet released

Short Story Series

The Shadow Room Files – Short Horror Stories


Official Into The Midst
Into The Midst 2017

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