Got 6 books up, plus the 3 been up

Now that everything got unpublished and pulled, I have the green light to clear out my catalog and put up all the titles with my full name on them. I haven’t had any issues with any retail sites which I’m grateful for.

On Amazon I have the author page up too so if you like Amazon and want to follow the progress or get the new release emails, you can click Follow here –

With the DMDU world I already have all the covers done and up because I wanted to ensure they all fit in with one another. So I’m making the subtitle on all the books, Dark Moon Dynasty Universe too for that reason. That way in listings as well as on the cover, it’s all got that link to it.

Anything in that world will have the connection.

When I upload all the books, I also add them to the Amazon author page, I fix the links on this site and the site. I also have to ensure the covers are all fixed. I know that my All Books page will need work, but that one I may leave until the end. Might bug me enough to work on it too as I go. Never know, lol.

But I have 6 books updated and uploaded, plus the 3 that already had my full name. I’m hoping to get the entire Dynasty of Moirae series done today, but we’ll see.

Where I upload is Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Google, then Amazon. After that Ko-Fi. I just can’t do my DMDU world because sexual content isn’t allowed and I am not about breaking rules to that degree. So once done with DMDU world on other sites, my Ko-Fi shop will start to get the other books. But depending on where you like to shop, you’ll find my work there. Paperbacks are gonna be done after all ebooks are done. I already wanted to move them so this allows me to organize the move better.

I also remembered that I promised an extra story in all of them (so not just the excerpt for the next story maybe) so I added that to my notes of stuff to do.

I was gonna do them as I went, but that’d hold me up. I want the main digital catalog back up as soon as possible for you. And I will have everything with a sale price until maybe 2022. So keep watch on them. Those ARE sale prices I’m listing them at. Might even drop them a bit more because it helps to boost the stats back up when I do an overhaul like this. Or, if you’ve bought one of the books before and enjoyed it? I would really and truly appreciate a review on it. TOTALLY not a requirement. I could use that boost. But I’m not expecting it at all so don’t feel pressured to do so.

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2 replies on “Got 6 books up, plus the 3 been up”

Hi Kimberly

It has been awhile…I really like your Amazon page and will Tweet it out shortly. I am curious why you have to “unpublish” your stories and do all this work? If you already explained to your readers I apologize for missing it.

Hope that you are doing well…

Take care JoeE

On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 4:02 PM Kimberly Sue Iverson wrote:

> Kimberly Sue Iverson – Author posted: ” Now that everything got > unpublished and pulled, I have the green light to clear out my catalog and > put up all the titles with my full name on them. I haven’t had any issues > with any retail sites which I’m grateful for. On Amazon I have the author > pag” >


Yes, I’ve explained in previous posts why. But I can re-explain here, I don’t mind. I don’t have to truthfully, it’s a choice. One I spent the past five years thinking about and wondering if I should. When I chose to put work under my real name in 2015 I think? I did it because I wanted people to know the work was mine. Well, then I discovered AFTER the fact, that there was another Kim Iverson. Kim Iverson Headlee is now what she goes under. Author too. So, not as big of a deal because she changed her name.

Then I discovered a radio show host named Kim Iversen who was posting a lot of content (political and life news) and through all these years, I’ve been dealing with a lot of people confusing me with her. Even to the point that I ended up having harassment and having to block people because they were not so nice after a bit of me explaining I’m not her. Most were kind, but after a time getting random comments and messages from people having conversations with me I knew nothing about (they were about her show and posts), it began to wear on me quite a lot. I’ve dealt with stalkers and harassment my entire life, but little things started to really weigh on me more and more from being confused with people not myself. Best way to clear the board for me was just to put work under my full name.

Those are the biggest reasons. There’s obviously a lot of little ones over the years, but those were the most prickly and main I chose to finally do it for.

Also, I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. It would help me so much. I hope you are having a wonderful day. 🙂


Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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