Sent off a short for edits

So yesterday – was it yesterday? think so – I said I’d be working on Light Above the Neighborhood today, and I did. And I sent it off to ze editor. I feel like I’ve been typing the title as “A light.” Have I? I’m not double-checking myself. Feel free to be all, oooooooo you have! And double-check yourself, lol. It’s Light Above the Neighborhood.

Since it’s a bit shorter than the previous one – A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew – I was working on, it actually went a bit faster than normal. And a horror is a bit different when it comes to writing too. So my fixes aren’t usually as numerous in a horror short.

If Jeanie is able to get the short back to me by tomorrow, I’ll be continuing that, otherwise I will be moving on to inputting changing from Scorched Silence paper to digital. I’ll have to also update the site information on where my edits stand, what book I’m working on.

That’s something that throws me for a loop – working on and editing shorts. The turnaround is so fast that by the time my brain is settling into working with them, it’s already time for doing another, and moving on. Weirds brain out. lol

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