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Conversation up on Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. A conversation between Julian and Kat. For those who wish to avoid spoilers this is best read between Dark Illusions and Dynasty of Moirae series.

Kat was on her way past Julian’s office when the door opened. “Will you come in here for a moment?” He took in the gardening shears she carried before disappearing back into his office.

Kat entered the office as he sat down and closed the door behind her. She laid the shears on the edge of his grand desk and sat across from him with a smile.

“Refreshing the bouquet?” he said, staring at the shears.

She nodded. “I thought pink would be good this time.”

It took Kat many years before the pain of losing her daughter eased, even as little as it did. Every day the anguish remained, but she found keeping a vase of roses from the garden outside, helped. As a reminder, as a symbol who knew. Maybe it was nothing more than the action calmed her. She kept the vase next to the window in her and Julian’s room, refreshing as needed.

A faint smile touched the king’s lips. “That will look nice.” The Queen of the Awakened was not the only one who felt the loss.

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Note on my editing – Halfway done with inputting changes from Discovery of an Enchantress paper to digital. I might be able to send it to Jeanie for her first thoughts by the end of this month. That’s what I’m aiming for at least. Could be pushed out to the first week of November.

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