Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Random exercise – author at play

Mountain Meadow Summit landscape image

AUTHOR AT PLAY – Practice, exercise or play. I take an image and I simply write the words that come. No editing, no care in the world. Enjoy, continue it if you like, but please do not critique.


The land lay before them. As far as the eye could see. They stood at a place that allowed them to take it all in. With a deep breath in, Meredith Montgomery, released all of the stress along the breeze of the beautiful day. A day filled with promises. A day of glorious blue skies, not the towering buildings she was used to. Nathan laced his fingers into her own and gave her hand a squeeze. They would call this place home.

Home, Meredith thought to herself. She almost couldn’t believe this was all theirs. For so long they struggled, fought against it all. With the belief that one day they’d have their own place on land as far as the eye could see, and now they did. This … this was where their life truly began together…


Picture found randomly via the explore tab on the Pixabay website. User – mariohagen. Check out that site if you’d like photos for your work. Listening to Talking to Nature by Shastro via Spotify

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