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What do they really want?

Note – I have been working on this over the past few days because part of me is fully aware that I may face attacks. I did when I voiced an opinion recently. They said to me that I would be very easy to find – a personal threat. They also called me a name I won’t repeat here. I had people tell me my dogs should be taken away. For no other reason than to shut my voice down. Darkness. It’s just darkness. I have also found the past few days that my computer has been acting up and I am being pulled constantly away. I don’t doubt the reasons why. I will still share this as it applies to this entire year and even the past few years, not just now.

We live in this time where they say silence is agreement/consent (horrible to pass around). Where they say if you don’t speak up, then you are part of the problem. On and on it goes. You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. You’ve dealt with it if you don’t go with “group” thoughts (aka the mob), I’ve dealt with it.

That only applies if you think like the main group, don’t question, and don’t think for yourself. There are always the default insults too. They all use them. They’re all the same. Even some groups exist to purposely label someone a racist and get them fired from their jobs, or get their accounts taken down by YouTube or others.

As long as you agree with them, they are fine, and you are welcome. Disagree? Don’t find certain things justifiable? Have the audacity to disagree and not follow along like a sheep? See what is really happening and refuse to conform? You face constant screams, being attacked, shut down, told to sit down and shut up. Told to BE silent. Told you can’t have a voice. Told that you are this and that. Called names. Berated. Threatened with violence.

So it’s fine to speak up, and all . . . as long as you agree with the majority. As long as you go along with the mob mentality and don’t be an individual who can think and act for yourself. As long as you get sucked into that world and follow blindly.

Then they will turn around and once more and tell you to speak up or you are part of the problem. They will shame you. Unaware they are the problem they scream must be spoke out against. Unaware that they are doing to opposing voices what they scream they deal with, and why many finally have had enough and end up choosing silence. There is wisdom in silence. Being silent among the crowd of screams takes true courage and strength.

One of the biggest problems that I have with any form of that silence comment, more so the version of “silence is consent/agreement,” is that individuals fail to comprehend the potential issues that arise from passing that around. The emotional turmoil that they can send a person down. If someone has been abused, raped, or faced any semblance of that, they may not have had the chance to speak up, fear speaking up because they know they risk their lives and those around them, or any multitude of reasons.

It’s a version of shaming people yet again that I struggle to ever get behind. Our words are beyond powerful. Before we speak them (and I by no means am a perfect saint with them either, as I am learning alongside the rest of you), it’s important to step back and truly assess where they come from, whether or not they are our truth to be spoken, or if we are being guided to from sources that mean us or others harm. If we’re supposed to be saying them aloud. If they will help, or if they will hurt.

Far too many rush to get those words out and they come purely out of that reactive energy. It’s beyond important in times like these to take a step back if we do feel that sort of lightning energy screaming through us, and breathe. Come back to a calmer place inside, then decide whether it is even worth opening our mouths about. Is that audience listening, or are they focused on simply waiting to then misinterpret and attack? Because so often the only thing that we do then is continue that reactive energy. I think lightning is a great way to describe it too. Because we feel prickly. I don’t remember where I shared it or I would link the blog, but I believe I even mentioned that reactive energy before. It doesn’t draw people in. It doesn’t help them hear our words. It simply causes that divide to grow.

The victims have now become the abuser. Eventually the cycle will turn on those very same folk who believe they are the victor and they will then become victim once more when they learn to have their own individual voice and see the truth. On and on it will go. History has shown this. History has continued to show this. History will continue to show this.

People will want to say, “so we are to give up?!”

No. DO better. BE better. Focus on the inside. Not the outside. Fix what is wrong in your own world before you attempt to fix another’s house. Because if your life is falling apart, how in the heck do you think you will ever be able to help another? We have to focus on healing that inner wound on our own and not look to outside sources to tell us how. What works for me? May not work for you. And the reverse is true as well. The rage will destroy you. The anger at the world will continue to victimize you. There is no real power in screaming and raging at the world. Because as long as you scream at another, you cannot connect to them. You are separate just as they want. As long as you shut down those who disagree, you will never hear another side of the story, you will never grow, you will stop evolving. We cannot come together when we are all pushing each other away.

Vulnerability isn’t easy at all. Not in any way shape or form. As of last night I was open in a way that I have never been open with anyone. Do you think that it was easy for me? Do you think I felt strong and powerful while I was crying and showing my real raw self to Colin in a way that I have never done with anyone? Absolutely not. I felt like an idiot. There is growth in it. There is reward in it. There is connection and deepening our bond in that. It’s being strong enough to live from the heart and work with love, versus the hate that they want us to live in.

Been there. Learned the hard way.

Until we are open to listening and hearing, we will never properly communicate. Until we ask questions and learn, we will never be able to evolve and do better than before. Until we break open that shell that surrounds the heart, we will never be able to embrace the us we are meant to be. Not just for us, not just for the relationships we have, the people in our lives, but for this world.

As long as we remain angry and mad, we are able to be controlled, we are disconnected, separate. We are so lost in the emotional turmoil that we can’t see a way out. We can’t find our way out. We will be lost in “I can’t do it!” Instead of, “I got this.” Reactive versus calm.

If you are someone who has faced that, and you still remain kind and capable of communicating to others your needs and having discussions on how to proceed and become better, I salute you. You are a rarity in a world that wants us all to conform. Conformists follow the herd. They don’t want to do better, they don’t want to change. They want direction. They want someone to tell them how to proceed, what to think, how to be so that they do not have to think for themselves. That is the ones who remain controllable and are fed from.

I had the image enter my head just now of our energy flowing outward and being fed from, versus us reeling it back in, and using it in constructive and powerful ways.

So if you are an individual who works daily on being better than you were the day before? Good for you. I am proud of you. If you are capable of having discussions and not berating another because they don’t share your lifestyle or viewpoint. Good for you. I applaud you. Being able to see that takes strength in itself as well.

You need to pat yourself on the back. Because you are truly unique.

I even said something yesterday that basically sums this whole thing up so I will use it as a quote to end this. It was on a post on Gigi Young’s Facebook page. Also I highly suggest checking her out on YouTube if you haven’t. I believe I’ve shared her YouTube before, but in case you want to check her out –

So I end with this –

“Become constructive, not destructive.”

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