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Getting close

We are at the point with Law of the Beast, that soon I will be having to grab Witness to the Moon, and go back and forth on all the conversations to make sure that what is in Witness matches what is in Law of the Beast.

As I’ve mentioned previously (multiple times), I don’t plan to have the conversations and setting the exact same. Since this is the book/series that is in Ky’s world, and in a way it’s a more important role for the overall story arc, world itself, she is getting more of the information. So there may be conversations where she gets more talk than Mila did. Doesn’t mean though that if they’ve said something in Mila’s story and then in Ky’s, I can change that part.

So if in Mila’s story, it says, “I wondered about that,” for one sentence, I can’t make it in Ky’s story, “I was curious about that.” That is the part that I have to go over and make sure the words match word for word.

However, in Ky’s story, it might be, “I wondered about that.” And then she may have another sentence in the next paragraph of her speaking that adds a few more sentences, whereas for Mila’s same area, you won’t get any of it. That can be changed. Because again, that is important to Ky’s story arc. And I think it would be far too boring if everything was literally the same in one book as it was in the other, for a reader who does read both. That way that sentence above that they’ve read in one story triggers that, “hey I’ve read this,” in their brain, but then they don’t get more, they get something different in Ky’s story so that they stay engaged. “Hey, there’s more information here.”

Now, I do go off the idea that a reader would read Mila’s story, first, then Ky. But these can be read out of sync and I’m hoping they still work well. “Hey, I got more in Ky’s story, but this side of Mila’s thoughts are interesting, they’re so different.” That sort of thing. I don’t want to bore the reader, but I don’t want to turn them off so it’s going to be a delicate balance for me. Obviously I will annoy someone. That is inevitable. But I will do my best to work with the majority who like what I do, since it is how I like it. And I am always my first reader. I’m not changing how I write to please fans. If they want a different style there are SO many writers out there who may write like me, but in that extra way that that particular reader likes, which is something I don’t do. Totally okay with that.

So I’m going to be having to pay very close attention to that back and forth to get it right as it is in my head. I don’t look forward to it. I’m sure I’m gonna give myself a headache. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 32,773 words

Current word count as of today – 34,147 words

Total words written since last post – 1,374 words

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