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Prism is gaining sympathy toward the strangers

She is also finding out that living on Earth, she was awarded a lot more freedoms than others in the “system,” as Kreeya put it. Because in their world, they have to have permission and go through a process to have a child. Whereas in Prism’s world, and where she grew up? Totally different.

On Earth she grew up in a world where, should one wish a child, as long as their body was capable of it, and there was no issue there, they could have a child. The government wasn’t telling them no you can’t. At least for most of the world. The world is similar to ours and there are certainly places that do limit or impose upon that ability. But for the most part, where Prism grew up, it was the same we deal with. Were she to want one, she could have one.

There wasn’t any, “you have to file this paper work and that paper work, then your mate has to, then you have to both come in for these tests, and this and that, and the list just kept going and going and . . . you get the point.

On top of the Kreeya just told her that she wasn’t able to have one on her own. Not really some show stopper spoiler there (this is not the site to follow if you never want to come across those, just saying, lol) since I mention that a lot in this book, and it’s in the synopsis if I have put it up. Uh, after this I better check. lol

Anyhoo, after poking fun at meself, I think Prism is beginning to see a new side to these very interesting beings who saved her life. They completely look down on humans and think they’re no better than a bug. Maybe even less than a bug, but still. When Prism sees what Kreeya feels, and attempts to understand the woman, she realizes that maybe . . . just maybe despite Kreeya acting fairly stuck up . . . she may not be that bad.

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Total words written since last post – 532 words

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