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How much longer before Prism’s life gets upended again?

Last night was a toughie. Yugh. I was dealing with a headache all day that I tried to take Aleve for. Usually is my go to and it typically helps, but not yesterday. Last night it migrated into dizzies and I was so worn out that by the time I went to bed, I was walking on a boat in high winds, lol. I couldn’t have walked a straight line to save my life. When I lay down, I was out. Barely remember putting my head on the pillow. I even went to bed a few minutes earlier than I usually do. Figured I would be lying there and struggle to fall asleep like I sometimes do, but nopes.

I was out.

As I have a feeling Prism is about to as well. She’s finally getting to the point where she’ll be left alone and has had a shower (we all know how good that feels in general), Gaarn is about to leave her alone, and I think she’s yet to discover that there are still a few things to learn about this room she’s been stuck in. I have a feeling that when the lights go out and she’s lying in the bed, the digital image that takes up the entire wall (image below is a representation of what she’s seeing), comes to life more than it has.

What a great room that would be to find oneself in. She’s on a ship. All her life been earth bound, thinking she’s nothing more than human. Now she has all this stuff she’s been hearing, learning, dealing with, then to top it all off, there is this amazing image along the wall of a planet she’s never known, but already loves. Gaarn’s home planet.

Things are quiet now, but I don’t think they will be for long. The quiet before the storm? Very likely.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 11,507 words

Current word count as of today – 12,510 words

Total words written since last post – 1,003

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