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Verrick is being a naughty lil boy

I assumed I knew what Verrick was up to at the end of Fury of a Queenbut of course – I didn’t. Turns out he was up to other things. Now I’m finding out that he didn’t go straight home to Lycaen Ridge. Although in truth, I should’ve guessed because he’s far more intelligent than he allows people to understand. They look at him, see this big tough guy who likes to ride his Harley, and doesn’t attach himself to people very well, but he’s incredibly smart and only ever wanted to be attached to one person – the person he is, Kylarra.

Although it seems he’s having a moment. I think Kylarra being kidnapped has brought on his worst fears. Fears of not being good enough, not the one she wants, and her abandoning him. This is the moment where I wanna give him a good shake and remind him, Kylarra never does anything she doesn’t want to and had he been anyone else? She wouldn’t have paired with you Verrick Conrad! lol There is nobody. Not one person Kylarra has ever shown real interest in except for Verrick. Even when she yells that she hates him. Even when she runs from him.

All he has to do is show up in her face and she turns to mush. Dude, she loves you. As I’ve said in previous posts. If he would open them stubborn eyes and really see it’s he who has to open up, and he who has to face his demons? Then there will be nothing that stands in the way of them being together. Kylarra fears that he doesn’t want to really be with her. She sees the truth within him, knows that he just fears being close to her and vulnerable, but the greatest love comes with the greatest sacrifices. And those sacrifices are generally dropping the walls and letting that person in.

Trusting them.

It’s understandable why Mister Biker Man finds that to be the hardest thing on the planet to face. But then Kylarra has her own struggles. She fears him leaving just as much, though she hides it better and tries to open up to him.  If you’ve ever read up on Divine Partnerships or Twin Flames? I’d definitely put their connection up there. They are healing one another, helping one another to become better people.

I know they’ll work it out. Their love is that powerful and for them the other one is the only one that’s it. They haven’t wanted another like they have each other. With Verrick, he’d tried plenty of women in his life, and Kylarra had been with Sloan, but in the end those people didn’t fill the role. Didn’t make the cut in their eyes.

At this point though, it’s up to Verrick. Kylarra has been pulling her weight and working hard at trying to get through to him over and over and over again. Asking him why the secrets. Asking him to tell her the truth. Verrick kept pushing her away, dealing with work, being too busy. Not being though, making himself too busy.

Now he gets to find out what is most important. Although where I left the chapter with, he still has a bit to go to get there. That man is still in ego and all mister, “pfft, let her leave, I don’t care.” Verrick . . . just wait. If he’d just say, “Kylarra, I love you,” then he could fix a million problems. But then again, she’s been kidnapped and he can’t. He needs to. Even to himself, he needs to admit the truth. Or he really will lose her.

*the featured image is a picture of my center island garden. The art I love to create outside. Lots of plants. In the background is the area I’m growing new grass, lol.

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