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Finished PotP and onto the next

official-property-of-the-packI finished Property of the Pack the other day. You can see the total word count here – Property of the Pack Word Count. It’s just over 16K.

Now onto which one will be next. I still want to work on the final for Verrick and Kylarra. This story has given me enough of the mini-break from the whole of that series to ease my mind. Sort of like a mini vacation from the storyline if that makes sense. I came up with the title just now. I’ll reveal that and the cover in my next newsletter. Sign up here –

On a totally unrelated note, I came across some recent posts on Dean Welsey Smith’s website recently that really inspired me. The post was about Pulp authors. Pulp authors are generally referred to when they write and publish a lot. And at some incredible speeds. Like Dean who can finish a book in a week. Not from typing fast, mind you, but spending more hours in the day writing.

I came across a random post (can’t find it now) that was talking about female authors and how many books they’d put out. So I decided 1000 books. Stories really, which means it can come in short story form, long, or novellette (midway). But really, I would love 100 novels to be my goal.

What is 1000? What does that number represent for me? I’m going to make it a goal. A goal that I can forever strive to work toward, and keep track of. Something that will push me to not give up, and that it’s reachable.

It represents how many novels (stories really, but it’d be awesome to have that just represent novels) I will publish in my lifetime. If I reach that, I’ll simply tack on another thousand. But I definitely like being a prolific writer. I like having all these stories to read, to go back through, and even to cringe at. But I love to read my work, and go back to read stories again that I wrote even just last year, which I completely forgot about. So I’m making that a goal.

I want to publish 1000 stories in my lifetime. Novels, more so.

I’m going to make a simplified list of everything on here. I have my books list, but I’m constantly changing that one, and I don’t include the books I’ve written which I need to rewrite or anything. I only do those strictly on my “getting to” or “published” pile. But that page will be strictly to organize it as a list for a whole collection, and to keep track of how many I’ve done, how many more to go to reach my “lifetime” goal.

Never had anything like that which I could solidly focus on so I like the idea of doing this. Gives me a solid focus. Gets it off everything else. And I really need to blog about my progress again. So much better than sticking to social media. Or trying to combine them. Helps me think about them.

Off to do my newsletter. I’m finishing up with the cover to the new story I’m working on. Premiering the cover and name in my newsletter tonight. 🙂



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