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Update on Kennedy

I’m going to guess I forgot to mark my word count yesterday. Otherwise I wrote 4000 words in only 45 minutes. Ums, no. lol Well, I don’t want to downplay myself. I suppose I could have done that, but the reality is most likely no.

Kennedy has now reached 100K words. Solid Fantasy book. One I’m in love with. Hmms. I may go back and see where I can stop it behind at 80K or so. I tend to input a lot into edits so it would be okay to split the book and already be into the second book. I’m not sure. Either way, she is currently standing at 103,000 + words. I still have so much more to go in the story and from what I originally plotted/outlined. And if I put into many more in edits, that’ll be a big book. First huge one I’ve written.

This is one of the first books that I did a different sort of outlining because I’m in Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways course and there are some great depth-building exercises that I’ve been doing. What I know for sure is that right now I have to get my bootum into writing mode. Adios!

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