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Word Count June 1, 2015 (Cody) #amwriting

Okay now this one is interesting. I’ve only done about 30 minutes or so of writing per day, as the table shows, but yet my word count is fairly decent. So either my typing is getting faster (likely) or my plots have worked smoothly out in my head beforehand (also likely – I’ve worked with the outline for the story first thing in the morning), or it’s a combo. Either way, it’s surprising.

[supsystic-tables id=”3″]

There have been some major stressors which are working against my focus too. Some writers won’t work when they are distracted, others will, I’m more of a half and half, but looks like it isn’t working too much against me. I hope I don’t continue to be distracted, but I’m getting close to the end of some of these books, which could also be infecting my darn muse. It’s all . . . let’s go play since we’re almost done, and I’m all . . . sit down and work. FOCUS. haha

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