Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


#ArianasWriting – Cody

Let’s check in with Cody this early Sunday morning. I had plans to write yesterday, but ended up printing out study materials for my creative writing lessons. You may have noticed that my word count tracker hasn’t changed for the Sorceress Series, over in the sidebar. This isn’t because it’s not the furthest behind (furthest is usually the novel that I work on), since it is. In the background of my mind, I have always felt that the Sorceress Series will be a standout work.

Until I can do the best of my abilities for her–more like I improve my writing, and editing, and really give her the quality she deserves–that she needs to sit and mature. May sound odd, but I have plans for her. She needs to grow up to achieve those plans. So I have work to do on myself as a writer, before I can give her my focus. It isn’t me holding back out of fear. I’m going with my gut on this. That’s why the counter sits, unworked. I may remove it from that lineup, just so people won’t wonder, but we’ll see.

So, let’s see what Cody is up to today. Listening now to some Marilyn Manson to get into the mood (Halloween playlist on MixRadio). This would be better music for the fighting ring over with Ellie and her husbands, but it works.

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