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Immortal Separation – Official Page

What is Immortal Separation?

This is a book that I wrote last year, and one of the few novelettes that I’ve ever done, and that I may ever do. I try to write short stories a lot, but then they end up taking over. This was one of those books that I thought, oooo great, I am going to write this as full-length novel.

Annnd . . .

Not so much.

Characters. They don’t cooperate in my world.

As you can tell by the title, it’s about Immortals. I had originally planned on just having the male be the Immortal, but then again, the characters had other ideas. The book leaves a lot of room for me to expand on another book later on, but this is a definite short story. It’s a quick, and fun ride. This is draft information, subject to change.

Immortal Separation

What if soul mates possessed the ability to heal each other, and connect with one another in more ways than one?

In the future, scientists think it’s fun to mess with DNA that they shouldn’t, and alter creatures to fit what they want. When experiments go wrong and escape into the streets, someone needs to intervene and protect the world.

The Black Witch holds claim over the day while the Master of the Night holds claim over the night. For centuries they’ve protected the humans, and somehow avoided one another. Until the night they cross paths. Both of their lives are forever changed in more ways than one.

When you’ve been saving the world for as long as you can remember, and you grow tired of doing so, fate lends a hand. Reminding you that on occasion, there are more important things in this life that even Immortals aren’t immune to.

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