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October 17, 2016

On round 4/6 –
Going over editor’s first thoughts. Deep edits.

Release Date:

February 1, 2016

[Official page]

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Everything is dead or dying. How can anyone live in this atmosphere? They can’t.
I can’t.

Eli’ane is a dying planet. With a sun and moon that burn bright and hot like a furnace, the plants die, the red dirt amplifies the hard living. When the pickings are slim, the people do what they must to survive.

Day after day Ellie is asked by her father if she had her vitamins. Her husbands Jack, Stone, and Jeremiah pester her about them as well.

All her life she was of the mindset that the vitamins were for her own good. To protect her from the people of the planet. Ellie lives. They don’t. So why the exhaustion? Why does it seem that the more vitamins her father gives her, the more exhausted she becomes? What is wrong with her? Just what is she becoming?

This book is the third in The Guardian of Life series from Kim Iverson, which blends Science Fiction with Fantasy, and a sprinkling of Horror.
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy


November 1, 2016

[Official page]

On Deck

Editing after the one above


Series Title: Sylphline Realm
Where in series – Book One
Genre: Fantasy


Series Title: Sylphline Realm
Where in series – Book Two
Genre: Fantasy


Series Title: Witness to the Moon
Where in series – Book Two
Genre: Paranormal Romance

After the above –
Under Empty Stars >