War of the Lycaens

Kylarra wakes, unaware of where she is. She was kidnapped from home, attacked, then left.

She is in darkness, cold, alone . . . and in a cage. Darkness that isn’t natural surrounds her. A being may be lurking within, that lies in wait.

Her body is doing things she has been fighting all her life. Wanting things she doesn’t want to want. Craving things she shouldn’t crave as a Lycaen.

She is a Lycaen, isn’t she?

Because if she isn’t and things keep happening the way they have been?

They don’t want to see what will happen.

This book is the final installment of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe from writer Kim Iverson. All the series and all the characters have been leading up to this one fateful story. When all secrets come out. When fate shows her hand. When Vampires and Lycaen go to war and they find it, it’s not just a war against magical beings.

It’s a war to save all existence.

If you haven’t read all the rest of the paranormal stories in this world, you are encouraged to now. Get your bearings, try to figure out what’s going to happen. And most of all? Hold on.

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe – the entire world on one page.