The Culling Cycle

There was once a story told in a time long since past.

Of the chosen one.

One who’d connect so deeply with the planet that the planet would alter their very DNA. As they too would alter the very core of the planet. Breathing life into it. Revitalizing it. Immortalizing them.

The beings which once inhabited Nori didn’t realize their demise would come from a human who’d had enough of being used. Who’d had enough . . . of being a slave.

Many culling cycles later, Cato had given up finding that female of legend. Stories told, lies believed. She didn’t exist. Nobody had awakened Nori since he’d taken charge.

Until the day one particular female is brought to The Culling Cycle. Until the day she shows, life went on. Existence had begun to wane. The planet began to die once more.

It may not have been a story after all.


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