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Not even gonna bother

I was thinking I’d record this as a video, but I’m not even gonna bother to try. That requires sitting down in front of the camera, recording a video, and sacrificing something. Usually writing time. Then having to find to time to edit it to include my watermark of website, and then uploading. I don’t […]

Dreamt of her

I dreamt about Amber last night. Not sure why. I’ve often felt like when an animal has passed, and they come to you in dreams (read this too) that it’s really them. The reason they may not is that we are not ready for their visit. Same could be said about people passing. I do […]

Beginning Sorceress

So just this morning I went ahead and began writing the Sorceress world. *crowd goes wild* When I first began the story more than ten years ago, I started it off with Maeve arguing with her brother and his friend, and then she walks off in a huffy. But, suddenly she finds herself not at […]

Most likely wondering where progress is at

If you’ve followed my posts, it’s probably a question in your mind. Where is she at in the progress? How many books has she been able to upload? All of them. I finished last week. Between Monday and Wednesday. Can’t remember the “official,” finish. But, I’m done with all the digital ebooks. That be 43 […]

Nearing finish line

I’m working through my shorts now. I have all the other work updated, and uploaded. Final part I’m doing now – shorts. I have a compilation to put together, but I’m not listing it digitally because some of the work is in KDP Select to help boost stuff. Once I hit publish on Her Soul’s […]

Got 6 books up, plus the 3 been up

Now that everything got unpublished and pulled, I have the green light to clear out my catalog and put up all the titles with my full name on them. I haven’t had any issues with any retail sites which I’m grateful for. On Amazon I have the author page up too so if you like […]


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