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What’s been done so far

A friend of mine volunteered to help create a new banner for my books page, to represent the Dragon’s Dawn series. That is the same person behind the dragon that I’m using for the second cover, Charred Wings. He is really good at his work so if you’re interested, and need images done, look him…

Savage Lands cover

This cover is kickin me butt. I have made a ton of minor alterations in trying to get the design just right. I’m referring to the paperback, not eBook. eBook is done and tomorrow I will be uploading it to Smashwords. I prioritized Draft2Digital for now so that all the listings would go through that…

Almost there

— Working on the Savage Lands paperback. Got the digital files ready to go. I’ll upload to Smashwords at the end of the week. I’m trying an experiment with rolling it out in phases. — Also, I set Time of the Chosen for sale on paperback. Love how it turned out with Lulu so I…

In the meantime

Until I’m done outlining my Sorceress series, I have another writing project going. The Sorceress series/world has 5 books I have to rework so yeah, taking a bit more time than planned. When I write, I want that freight train to kick in and just lemme goooooooo so I gotta get as prepped as possible.…

Full Name and Amazon

Things currently on my mind – (1) Savage Lands will end up being the last book I put out for a while, if not completely, where I use my shortened name Kim Iverson on the cover. Since I’ve done a lot of pre-talk with with, and shared the cover, also did an author interview with…

Savage Lands – Chapter Two

In a post apocalyptic world, Rovdyren have been hunted to near extinction.

The Alpha has incited fear in all hearts – human and beast alike. His bite can heal, but as of late destruction is all he’s been about. They say he’s gone to the darkest parts of himself. Savage to the extreme. On the hunt for what doesn’t exist – a mate. Losing his mind in the process.

Kenley and her older brother, Sawyer, are part of a small pack of eight. They know that in such harsh lands, they already have slim chance at survival. They’ve managed to keep to themselves, keep out of the way of The Alpha, knowing he will tear through their meager numbers. But their pack hasn’t survived all this time for nothing.

Scavenging through an old town one day, Kenley’s instincts scream danger is coming.

But danger has already arrived.

The Alpha is on the hunt.


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