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Coming to all

Coming soon to all the book pages. I am going to be recording the first chapter on all my work, to add to the official pages. I will be posting them over on my main YouTube channel – I am starting with Anora since I have been discussing it a lot on many of…


Working on two different stores to try out for merchandise that is premade (mugs, shirts, that sort of thing). One on Zazzle, one on RedBubble. So if you like either of those sites my links will be here. Please note – one or both may not show products right NOW. In a temporary restriction mode…

How do I generate ideas?

One of the most asked questions of me is how I generate ideas and where do I get them. So I decided to start really answering these questions, but in video format. I may be transitioning to video for the time being to try to boost my engagement on my YouTube channel. Also because typing…

Updates (video)

Okay my wonderful people, please excuse the slight grumpy bits that get in the video, lol. But I decided to finally get a video update posted around everything. It’s a more casual chat vibe so I could be more myself, and not rush through anything. All the links you need are in the description box,…


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