Discover richness & depth in stories layered with heart & soul.

You inspired me. The world needs more people like you.

Yellow Hook Neckties

I love losing myself in Kim Iverson’s stories. One doesn’t read a Kim Iverson book. They experience it. And I am never left feeling unsatisfied by the experience. Creech Enterprises

Jeanie Creech

I always enjoyed your Facebook status prompt thingeys. I know your intelligence, heart, and brilliant observances will take you as far as you want to go, and you’ll continue to inspire many people on your way. You are very gifted, and a wonderful human being.

Ange Baker – Writing Consultant

You’re a fun person, with good insights, and a little off-beat. Good combo.

Butch Blackburn

You will go far, my friend – because you refuse to do otherwise.

JMark Afghans, etc.

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