Been having some good writing days

l don’t want to jinx myself, but I have. Today was such a fun day of writing that I didn’t want to stop. It was 11:30 am when I finally quit writing, and 11 am is usually when I do. It wasn’t just fun though, it was learning what I was. Today I put inContinue reading “Been having some good writing days”

I was an asshole . . . and I can admit that

lol I mentioned I may not be about all the time for daily blogs then it happened to be the weekend when I usually take a break from writing and the like. I’m that goooooood. Also, I completely forgot. Shhhh. I’d have mentioned it had I remembered, buuuuut I didn’t. Got super worn out tooContinue reading “I was an asshole . . . and I can admit that”

I have a filter . . . it just malfunctions . . . a lot

One of the hardest things for me about blogging daily is you. lol I’m not kidding. I’m so reserved that I overthink the ATTENTION. Eek! They’re looking at me!! They actually want to hear what IIIII have to say. *throws covers over head* If eyes turn toward me and focus, you’ll see my face goContinue reading “I have a filter . . . it just malfunctions . . . a lot”

It’s the little things that happen that tell a lot

I woke up this morning thinking to myself, I imagine there might be someone out there who is just waiting to see if I handled myself the same way and didn’t get my words in. OR that something happened to cause me not to. lol That’s fair. I probably would do the same thing. Yes,Continue reading “It’s the little things that happen that tell a lot”

I allowed the brain to disengage, but shouldn’t have

Brain didn’t cooperate. Not many words. Instead of being blase about that, I’m gonna actually go deep into that for a change. As I’ve made mention, I want to be more open. I’ve been too scared too from the folks who LOVE to tell us how to “fix” ourselves and the like. How THEY knowContinue reading “I allowed the brain to disengage, but shouldn’t have”

Another good day

Gonna share this as a firstie. Mostly because I think it has a lot of good information. For whatever reason that was something in a dream I had last night too. I was dreaming that I had my Instagram hacked and then there before my eyes, the name was being changed, the images changed. I’veContinue reading “Another good day”

And we are off. Even after all this time, the fear is there.

And we are off, as it says in the title. My opening line that’s been sticking with me for over a week. In 2032 the world fell, but she was already on her way out. I was going to say this morning, but I guess it’s been the past few days, really. I’ve been thinkingContinue reading “And we are off. Even after all this time, the fear is there.”

Finished writing Scorched Silence

Yesterday I posted a poll (which I find now I have to manually check for the results, lol) for which title grabs you most. You can see the post here if you wanna add a click to which you like more – So far it seems to be Creations OF the Galaxy as theContinue reading “Finished writing Scorched Silence”

Sitting behind closed curtains

I actually am, lol. It’s so freakin sunny today and right now my furniture faces the window so the sun is RIGHT in my face. I just shut the curtain. Too bright. I love it though. So happy to see bright blue skies. My keyboard play has migrated to stealing my brother’s keyboard and tryingContinue reading “Sitting behind closed curtains”