Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void

I started to write Guardians of The Void on August 24, 2020. I am nearing the end of it. Not because I’ve been writing faster, truthfully. Just been having some really good writing days so that I’ve been able to get in over 2K words. Maybe it is a tiny speed up. It hit meContinue reading “Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void”

May be changing the title

The more I write in Guardians of The Void, the more other words for Guardians are popping into mind. I keep thinking about Keepers. The meanings behind the words are a big deal to me so Guardians works, but Watchers or Keepers keeps coming to mind every time I go to use the hashtag and/orContinue reading “May be changing the title”

DMDU site is up and running

If you’ve missed the notices I’ve posted on social media, or other then I am also going to post this here. I have all the first chapters ready to publish from the world so those will slowly trickle out in the next month or so. Probably do one every few days. They’re already up onContinue reading “DMDU site is up and running”

Prepping myself for the next book

Today, maybe tomorrow too, depending on how long it takes me to write up the notes, I am prepping to start my next project. I appreciate those who offered their thoughts on the title over on Facebook and my other social platforms. And those who helped me narrow down. The final title got a littleContinue reading “Prepping myself for the next book”

Birth of a Princess – Chapter One

Kylarra woke exhausted, worn out, beyond depleted. She lay in bed, staring at the rafters of the home she’d grown up in all her life. Her entire existence . . . it was built up in her mind. Were they all lies? Out of nowhere, she remembered the conversation she’d shared with Mila when thatContinue reading “Birth of a Princess – Chapter One”

Law of the Beast – Chapter One

“You’re kidding. Right?” Kylarra Knox stared at her mate, Verrick Conrad. She didn’t just stare. Her jaw all but dropped on the damp pavement. They’d stopped for a rest and bathroom break after she threatened to leap off the motorcycle, or pee on the bike. That one got the reaction. Verrick’s pack didn’t bother toContinue reading “Law of the Beast – Chapter One”

Character interview

I rarely share these weird things, but a few months ago, thought I would. Here’s the kind of processing I do for stories. I ask a question, then let it pour. As you can see too for those who know my handwriting, this just goes off. It’s far scratchier and nuttier than my own. AContinue reading “Character interview”

By clear favored choice

The title for the next book I write is going to be Creations of the Galaxy. For those who offered me the time with your thoughts, a click on the voting, or which you favored on the posts, I sincerely appreciate it. That you gave me that moment of your time. The best part isContinue reading “By clear favored choice”

She faces a tough decision

Who am I referring to? Kora Clark in Scorched Silence. Today was the first day she had a last name. She is my main lead. We shall discuss one of her decisions today. She is faced with a difficult one right now. The man who made her have to run away from the place she’dContinue reading “She faces a tough decision”

Where I’m at – Law of the Beast

As I stated yesterday, I was nearing the end of inputting changes with Law of the Beast. I mentioned part of my editing process and that I was going to be searching out words in particular that I wanted to go over before sending it off. In this case, I’m actually going over a searchContinue reading “Where I’m at – Law of the Beast”

Updated a few more pages

Very glad I’m doing this. As I told my editor, I discovered that I hadn’t even uploaded a chapter one for Under Empty Stars. If you saw the two recent posts I did, I got those up, and even included a free read of chapter two (not something I do typically for the novels) becauseContinue reading “Updated a few more pages”

Under Empty Stars – Chapter Two

Goes with Chapter One. As stated, I’m sharing two for my mistake. Stone twitched. The moment was gone and he said to Lee, “Tell me where he went. Then you leave.” For the strangest reason Ellie cut in, “You can’t!” After all this, he’d let him go? “I will,” Stone confirmed. “Stone—” Ellie began. HeContinue reading “Under Empty Stars – Chapter Two”

Under Empty Stars – Chapter One

I can’t believe I never posted this! Bad Kim. I’m so glad that I’m updating all these books pages because one – I never would’ve seen that I didn’t post this. Two – many of these pages look a mess. Not professional. If there was always one thing that has been important to me –Continue reading “Under Empty Stars – Chapter One”

Sitting behind closed curtains

I actually am, lol. It’s so freakin sunny today and right now my furniture faces the window so the sun is RIGHT in my face. I just shut the curtain. Too bright. I love it though. So happy to see bright blue skies. My keyboard play has migrated to stealing my brother’s keyboard and tryingContinue reading “Sitting behind closed curtains”

Mitosis – Chapter One

Where the hell am I? What happened? Cody Morgan found herself on a sandy beach. Her jeans were soaked through. Sand covered the darkened fabric as well as her t-shirt. The cold wind whipped her hair about. She peered over her shoulder, tugged the shirt, and noticed patches of the fabric were gone. Around theContinue reading “Mitosis – Chapter One”

Sunday ramble – Oddly hard to get back into blogging

In the back of my mind I’m all, I want to get back into blogging. I want to share thoughts, chit chat, journal, share recipes, chat about books. Then on the other side the critic gets in my head. Nobody wants to hear your thoughts, nobody cares, nobody reads, nobody responds, nobody this and nobodyContinue reading “Sunday ramble – Oddly hard to get back into blogging”

Transactional relationship

We are about to take a ride into the unknown. Into the abyss of that which is my mind. Please keep appendages inside the train. And if you enjoy the snacks, please pass on to another who may enjoy. Leave a comment, let me know if you like the dark!

History – real or made up to suit an agenda

We are about to take a ride into the unknown. Into the abyss of that which is my mind. Please keep appendages inside the train. And if you enjoy the snacks, please pass on to another who may enjoy. Leave a comment, let me know if you like the dark!