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Found this incredible artist on Instagram

This morning I decided to peruse the “explore” tab on Instagram. Rarely do it anymore, but I had some free time so I did. Found this incredible artist who made a post a few days ago of the near perfect replica that is in my head. It’s for my [male] main character. I had to […]

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Sent Law of the Beast off

Didn’t get any writing in yesterday. As I mentioned on Instagram on Thursday (below), I wanted to make sure I met my self-imposed deadline for sending Law of the Beast to my editor yesterday. I did. I knew I better forgo the writing in favor of finishing the final read through before sending off the […]

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Got Into The Midst formatted

So I’ve been working on getting it uploaded this morning and afternoon. Kept having to fix small things that I’d missed again and again. Just title fixes in my lists of books. Then the links to my Facebook page. Changed it to For whatever reason I got a massive dose of deja vu writing […]

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Random updates to note

So I guess I’m very late to the Harry Styles train. Also, see: old so I don’t typically seek out the younger groups. But, I heard this song recently and it got added to my DMDU playlist on YouTube, as well as Spotify. I think it really fits Verrick and Kylarra’s story line. But I […]


Updated a few more pages

Very glad I’m doing this. As I told my editor, I discovered that I hadn’t even uploaded a chapter one for Under Empty Stars. If you saw the two recent posts I did, I got those up, and even included a free read of chapter two (not something I do typically for the novels) because […]