Low count, but totally fine

Not too many words, but the reason I’m okay with it is because for anyone following this blog, they’ll have noticed that I have been doing nearly 2K or some days over that. And for the often asked question: Do you have a writing goal? (Always ask any question you like – I’m happy to talkContinue reading “Low count, but totally fine”

Hopefully this is set up correct

I am nearing the end of this story. At this point, I’m a lil’ tired of the world, haha. I’ve been reading the past books like crazy to refresh all the thoughts, ensure I’m not repeating information for a negative reason. And then I’ve written 2/3 in the series (I’m at 71K+ in this story,Continue reading “Hopefully this is set up correct”

Julian was paying close attention

I shouldn’t be surprised, really. As casual as Julian can be, he’s still a business man so for him, he takes in everything someone says, processes it, and will come to a conclusion in the same time it takes others just to finally hear everything said. His brain is designed to do that with greatContinue reading “Julian was paying close attention”

Lots of information

I took some photos with the camera on the new phone brother surprised me with last month. I was testing out the zoom and such, here are the results. Any such blurriness is more my hands give a little shake when they are holding a camera and in such a close zoom, you’ll see theContinue reading “Lots of information”


All of a sudden completely worn down feeling. That’s so weird, lol. My body has very interesting the past few days. On Saturday I just had pain hit me in my ankles, wrists, and a few bits of shooting pains in my knees. It came on all of a sudden and I was really tired.Continue reading “Consciousness”

Yucky kinda day

Just extremely dizzy this morning and I’m not sure why that is. Occasionally it happens. Maybe caused by how I’ve slept or something. I went out to work in the yard for a little bit which helped my dizziness a little. Mila (of course) helped me loads. Really want a kiss from that thing, yeah?Continue reading “Yucky kinda day”

Uh oh. So what did we find out?

Well. Today was a very interesting day. I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. Do I ever though? Mila was busy figuring out how to help Kat after this latest vision. She explained that Kat wasn’t being drained of blood with these visions so why would she think that it wasContinue reading “Uh oh. So what did we find out?”

A little annoyed

Okeydokes so I figured out why the desktop is working so slow. For whatever reason it’s doing it, the desktop has been connecting at the 2.4 band, and it’s only connecting me at 57 mbps or so. Needless to say, that is very slow and sluggish. Not sure why suddenly it’s been doing that. ThereContinue reading “A little annoyed”

Connections are being placed

Good lordies. I just texted my editor while I’m waiting for this dang desktop to cooperate. It’s taken me an hour almost to get it going. My web pages are loading like I’m working on good ol’-fashioned freakin land line modem internet. And then trying to get my book to open in Word? It’s downloadingContinue reading “Connections are being placed”

So much to track at this point

Little too busy today, but managed to get some writing in, thankfully. As I shared on Instagram last night, this was the main reason why. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kimberly Sue Iverson (@kimberlysueiverson) Now that she is feeling better, it’s even more work because I’m trying to keep her fromContinue reading “So much to track at this point”

Just more from yesterday

It was mostly a continuation of yesterday’s scene. I went back and filled in more because I like a certain number of pages per Word chapter, and I know when a scene has ended by the feel of that part of the story if that makes sense. So there isn’t much to really say. MilaContinue reading “Just more from yesterday”

Don’t mess with the Enchantress please

Bianca, now why would you give her attitude? I get it. Mila comes across as very gentle and sweet. Downright demure and mannerly. She is used to simply accepting people as they are, allowing things to go, and not fighting. But. You don’t underestimate and take the enchantress for granted. Because then this little seer is goingContinue reading “Don’t mess with the Enchantress please”

Well, that was intense

Listening to this great song right now. Recently found it. Loving it. Woke up early this morning two different times. First was around 4-5 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Didn’t help that I felt like I was slowly beginning to burn in an inferno. Not even kidding. I was all great, thenContinue reading “Well, that was intense”

Apparently Julian did notice.

I should’ve known that Julian was paying that much attention. Let’s face it: sometimes guys don’t. I love y’all! But you could stand in front of something and not see it at all. Ya know that. And I admit, I didn’t think Julian wasn’t focusing on those little clues about Verrick. But my beautiful manContinue reading “Apparently Julian did notice.”

That boy don’t know who he messin with

So Verrick did come by before the end of the book. I’m at 62K at this point so there is still a little time for Mila to show up, but surprisingly Verrick wanted to single Kat out. I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting them to all converge, maybe fight, scream at him to getContinue reading “That boy don’t know who he messin with”

They are an enticing pair

Ya know, as much as Kat’s heart lay with Julian, she’s a vampire and they are a stinkery little bunch. Her and Sean have a history so when I get into her head, I can feel the attraction she still holds for him. More so in her body. She loved him. Intensely for a time.Continue reading “They are an enticing pair”

And now the test of finding Sean

I’ve shared a conversation which Julian had with Cara regarding Sean’s disappearance – https://kimberlysueiverson.com/2014/07/22/overheard-conversation-between-cara-and-julian/ – before and I have a strong hunch that it’s going to be difficult for them to find him. As the writer, I know that they will have to find Sean to help Kat, and what his demands might be.

Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood – Chapter One

The sigh made Kennedy spin around, expecting to find the former Queen, Charlotte, standing behind her. But there was nothing. Just a wall. There was something strangely unordinary about the wall. On first appearance it was blank, but it was a very interesting place for a wall when the castle extended far beyond.