Little too late

So Kat found her truth a little too late. Verrick showed her the type of man he really is. Little hard to hide the truth of who he is when he knows that potentially he’s about to cause her physical harm and he does that one small thing to keep from hurting her. Also, IContinue reading “Little too late”

So many notes to go through

I underestimate how many notes I take until I try to go through them. I was perusing the notes for my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world and it takes a good while to get through them. Even just for the final series that I’m trying to work out now.

Anora paperback got held up

The Anora paperback got held up in review by CreateSpace. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me post about that on Friday. Not a big deal. CreateSpace needed me to verify that I was the author behind the book. So on Friday, I spent the afternoon getting screenshots of the files inContinue reading “Anora paperback got held up”

The moment we’re introduced to Stone – free Friday snippet

Been a few weeks since I’ve posted a free Friday snippet. Apologies. Just a quiet time for me. Today, our snippet comes from the novel, Daughter of the Red Planet. This is the first time we’re introduced to Stone.  

Free Friday Snippet from Hope of the Future – SciFi

Today’s Free Friday Snippet comes from Hope of the Future. The first book that sets the stage for The Guardian of Life Science Fiction Fantasy series.

Deep edits beginning & free Friday snippet!

Yipperdoodles! Jeanie sent me Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood last night as she said she would. It was too late for me to really start in on it. I may not get much work done today either. I’m working on the paperback for Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice which also happens to be whereContinue reading “Deep edits beginning & free Friday snippet!”