Character interview

I rarely share these weird things, but a few months ago, thought I would. Here’s the kind of processing I do for stories. I ask a question, then let it pour. As you can see too for those who know my handwriting, this just goes off. It’s far scratchier and nuttier than my own. AContinue reading “Character interview”

Found this incredible artist on Instagram

This morning I decided to peruse the “explore” tab on Instagram. Rarely do it anymore, but I had some free time so I did. Found this incredible artist who made a post a few days ago of the near perfect replica that is in my head. It’s for my [male] main character. I had toContinue reading “Found this incredible artist on Instagram”

Got Into The Midst formatted

So I’ve been working on getting it uploaded this morning and afternoon. Kept having to fix small things that I’d missed again and again. Just title fixes in my lists of books. Then the links to my Facebook page. Changed it to For whatever reason I got a massive dose of deja vu writingContinue reading “Got Into The Midst formatted”

Random updates to note

So I guess I’m very late to the Harry Styles train. Also, see: old so I don’t typically seek out the younger groups. But, I heard this song recently and it got added to my DMDU playlist on YouTube, as well as Spotify. I think it really fits Verrick and Kylarra’s story line. But IContinue reading “Random updates to note”

Updated a few more pages

Very glad I’m doing this. As I told my editor, I discovered that I hadn’t even uploaded a chapter one for Under Empty Stars. If you saw the two recent posts I did, I got those up, and even included a free read of chapter two (not something I do typically for the novels) becauseContinue reading “Updated a few more pages”

Man oh man

Big bombshell dropped at the end of the story today. Words were flowing fairly well and the story is too. It’s getting intense though. I’m curious to see what’s going to come from that big ol’ drop of information. Julian and Kat’s relationship will be tested at this point. Big time. But I think they’llContinue reading “Man oh man”

Officially halfway through

And I’m enjoying using the laptop on battery for the first time in a long time. I was gifted a new battery since mine had reached critical level from my lovely editor. Love her and I super duper appreciate it. Early birthday gift in many ways. My birthday is August 15th. First day so IContinue reading “Officially halfway through”

What happens when our consciousness expands

We either meet a person who seems so advanced or spiritual and they seem to know things we don’t. Or we simply can’t grasp and understand a word they’re saying. When I say that, I think of Eckhart Tolle. Years ago I read his book and I’m not sure if it were in one ofContinue reading “What happens when our consciousness expands”

Didn’t expect that

It’s funny. You never realize how much words can impact a person. Even now, even after all these years of writing and mine doing just that. One just never truly knows how much they can impact another person by the things they say. Sometimes we think we’re not going to make such an impact. WeContinue reading “Didn’t expect that”

Quarter of the way in

Finally got some sleep last night, though not much better than the previous. Though I could NOT fall asleep before freaking Midnight. I was wide awake, unable to sleep, and then my arm started bugging me, lol. Story is going very good. I’m a quarter of the way in. It’s time we’re going to getContinue reading “Quarter of the way in”

Oh, she got herself in trouble

So admittedly he should’ve expected that reaction. One doesn’t prod a redhead for long and expect them to remain casual complacent beings, more so when they are known for having a temper and being protective of their mate. And even more when one knows who their parents are. But then Luke understood exactly what heContinue reading “Oh, she got herself in trouble”

Just what lurks within?

Kylarra is being poked, she is being prodded, and now the effects are taking place. The reaction Luke had the other day to one of her reactions was interesting. He seemed a bit . . . dare we say . . . scared? Whhyyyyy? Has he figured out what she’s becoming? Or did he possibly underestimateContinue reading “Just what lurks within?”

Verrick is being a naughty lil boy

I assumed I knew what Verrick was up to at the end of Fury of a Queen, but of course – I didn’t. Turns out he was up to other things. Now I’m finding out that he didn’t go straight home to Lycaen Ridge. Although in truth, I should’ve guessed because he’s far more intelligent than heContinue reading “Verrick is being a naughty lil boy”

My word, I’m almost done with this book

Can’t even believe it. I’m not sure where else the story will take me but I am nearly done with this book. I’m not too worried if I stop anywhere around here. In edits, I’m capable of putting in 20K words sometimes and I know there will be areas where I want to add inContinue reading “My word, I’m almost done with this book”

Loads done yesterday – fun Mila in pool video

Fshew. This word count post is going to have both yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was busy trying to update my All Books page – and then updating the home page as well. Hadn’t realized how far behind I got in the books page until I started to fix things. And I also gotContinue reading “Loads done yesterday – fun Mila in pool video”

Yucky kinda day

Just extremely dizzy this morning and I’m not sure why that is. Occasionally it happens. Maybe caused by how I’ve slept or something. I went out to work in the yard for a little bit which helped my dizziness a little. Mila (of course) helped me loads. Really want a kiss from that thing, yeah?Continue reading “Yucky kinda day”

So much to track at this point

Little too busy today, but managed to get some writing in, thankfully. As I shared on Instagram last night, this was the main reason why. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kimberly Sue Iverson (@kimberlysueiverson) Now that she is feeling better, it’s even more work because I’m trying to keep her fromContinue reading “So much to track at this point”

Well, they have met. Now what?

The featured image entertains me. That was last night. Mila decided to sit in front of me and tell me she wasn’t tired!  I didn’t know until after I clicked that the timing was perfect to closed eyes, haha. Her eyes kept drifting shut over and over again. Here it is again in case it doesn’t showContinue reading “Well, they have met. Now what?”

Well, that was intense

Listening to this great song right now. Recently found it. Loving it. Woke up early this morning two different times. First was around 4-5 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Didn’t help that I felt like I was slowly beginning to burn in an inferno. Not even kidding. I was all great, thenContinue reading “Well, that was intense”