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  • On final read through

    “Technically” I started the final read through with Fury of a Queen last Friday, but since I only did a few pages, it’s a waste to consider that as a start. Working on the paper form of War of the Lycaen, and having this as a final series, I am trying to go back and…

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  • All DMDU Chapters are up

    At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sent…

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  • DMDU site is up and running

    If you’ve missed the notices I’ve posted on social media, or other then I am also going to post this here. I have all the first chapters ready to publish from the world so those will slowly trickle out in the next month or so. Probably do one every few days. They’re already up on…

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  • Werewolf 2019

    Werewolf 2019

    Gearing up to begin my new writing project

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  • Man oh man

    Big bombshell dropped at the end of the story today. Words were flowing fairly well and the story is too. It’s getting intense though. I’m curious to see what’s going to come from that big ol’ drop of information. Julian and Kat’s relationship will be tested at this point. Big time. But I think they’ll…

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  • Officially halfway through

    And I’m enjoying using the laptop on battery for the first time in a long time. I was gifted a new battery since mine had reached critical level from my lovely editor. Love her and I super duper appreciate it. Early birthday gift in many ways. My birthday is August 15th. First day so I…

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  • Quarter of the way in

    Quarter of the way in

    Finally got some sleep last night, though not much better than the previous. Though I could NOT fall asleep before freaking Midnight. I was wide awake, unable to sleep, and then my arm started bugging me, lol. Story is going very good. I’m a quarter of the way in. It’s time we’re going to get…

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  • Consciousness


    All of a sudden completely worn down feeling. That’s so weird, lol. My body has very interesting the past few days. On Saturday I just had pain hit me in my ankles, wrists, and a few bits of shooting pains in my knees. It came on all of a sudden and I was really tired.…

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  • Loads done yesterday – fun Mila in pool video

    Fshew. This word count post is going to have both yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was busy trying to update my All Books page – and then updating the home page as well. Hadn’t realized how far behind I got in the books page until I started to fix things. And I also got…

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  • Connections are being placed

    Good lordies. I just texted my editor while I’m waiting for this dang desktop to cooperate. It’s taken me an hour almost to get it going. My web pages are loading like I’m working on good ol’-fashioned freakin land line modem internet. And then trying to get my book to open in Word? It’s downloading…

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  • Well, they have met. Now what?

    Well, they have met. Now what?

    The featured image entertains me. That was last night. Mila decided to sit in front of me and tell me she wasn’t tired!  I didn’t know until after I clicked that the timing was perfect to closed eyes, haha. Her eyes kept drifting shut over and over again. Here it is again in case it doesn’t show…

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  • Following their gut

    Following their gut

    Taking a break from working with pizza dough (it’s rising to make homemade pizza tonight) to write this up. Also washing dog blankets and formatting The Culling Cycle for sale. Working on replacing italics in the Nuclear Purge Method that Smashwords recommends. Also dealing with Cheyenne (shih tzu) being sick all night has left me…

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  • Well, at least they found out something

    Well, at least they found out something

    Today Stefan and Mila had the moment below. Really enjoyed this. They did get a lot of information revealed to them which helped them. Stefan showed himself to the town as the King of the Lycaens, and the way he takes his responsibility for that to heart. It was just a brief moment, really, but…

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  • Just more from yesterday

    Just more from yesterday

    It was mostly a continuation of yesterday’s scene. I went back and filled in more because I like a certain number of pages per Word chapter, and I know when a scene has ended by the feel of that part of the story if that makes sense. So there isn’t much to really say. Mila…

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  • Don’t mess with the Enchantress please

    Don’t mess with the Enchantress please

    Bianca, now why would you give her attitude? I get it. Mila comes across as very gentle and sweet. Downright demure and mannerly. She is used to simply accepting people as they are, allowing things to go, and not fighting. But. You don’t underestimate and take the enchantress for granted. Because then this little seer is going…

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  • Lunch fit for a Lycaen

    Lunch fit for a Lycaen

    Stefan and Mila are having themselves some lunch. I’m not going to write too much as not much has happened and I’m behind and wanting to get into my editing. If you feel inclined to come LIKE my page and get some daily fun posts and questions, I wanted to let you know that I…

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  • And she figures out why she’s really afraid

    And she figures out why she’s really afraid

    Featured image is my boy, Kona. I captured that last night. I didn’t know I did until after. That’s the look of his love for me. Can’t even explain how that look makes me feel. The bond I have with that dog is soul mate love. Purest, most perfect, love. Different than any animal I’ve…

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  • If Stefan can focus please . . . and not on Mila

    If Stefan can focus please . . . and not on Mila

    2,040 words is pretty good  for about an hour. Especially for the start of a book. Sometimes getting my brain going is difficult, especially since this isn’t picking up where I left off as much as continuing of a long ago written series. I say long ago when I really mean a year or two?…

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  • Interesting story idea

    Interesting story idea

    Interesting story idea – They made us. And now they’re killing us.

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  • Where Creation Strikes

    Where Creation Strikes

    Watching World War Z the other day really has my mind working. After I watched it, I had the thought hit me that creates books. The thought was: I want to write a book like that. I’ve been thinking about the type of books I write, and the ones I’m drawn to write. I find…

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