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  • On final read through

    “Technically” I started the final read through with Fury of a Queen last Friday, but since I only did a few pages, it’s a waste to consider that as a start. Working on the paper form of War of the Lycaen, and having this as a final series, I am trying to go back and…

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  • All DMDU Chapters are up

    At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website. Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sent…

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  • DMDU site is up and running

    If you’ve missed the notices I’ve posted on social media, or other then I am also going to post this here. I have all the first chapters ready to publish from the world so those will slowly trickle out in the next month or so. Probably do one every few days. They’re already up on…

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  • I always have such ideas in my head

    for blogging every day, and then I sit down to write and *poof*. Ideas disappear. Too much in my head. Brain isn’t working and I have to edit so posting this and going back to editing Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter – Extended Edition. So freakin tired so that’s adding to it. Have a great…

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  • Finally got to write

    Yesterday when I was trying to write, nearly every few letters the laptop would freeze and act up, then that cycle would repeat. I’m not sure what was going on with it so I finally called it quit after a few tries. I didn’t want to risk the computer crashing but I also kept getting…

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  • Toasting my lil bottums

    Toasting my lil bottums

    We’ve had a steady warm streak here. It’s toasty. Some of the Shih Tzus are a little sick in the mornings because it’s pretty stuffy. The featured image is the picture that I took yesterday while Lucy came to hang with me and Mila. Mila was just in front of Lucy. I tried having the…

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  • Random chat

    Random chat

    I have a lovely headache that is not going away, even with Aleve. That’s usually my last resort because I learned last year or so that if I allow the headache to reach a certain point in a pain way, and I do nothing as I used to prefer, that it’ll develop into a migraine.…

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  • Too busy

    Trying to deal with something, so don’t have time to type anything up. Here’s the word count for today. Today’s word count for War of the Lycaen Started today at – 47,313 Ended today at – 48,549 Total word count for today – 1,236

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  • I pretty much have no clue

    where this is going. I didn’t plan for this one bit. Kylarra and Sean are doing their own thing. Although Sean pointing out that she may have the ability to tap into the ability to have visions? May just turn this back to a path I know. That path I formulated and understand. This one…

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  • Hmm, didn’t expect that

    Didn’t expect things to turn out the way they had. There are (and were) many angles that I’d written out and considered. But now that I’m actually writing the storyline and where Kylarra is headed, I’m a little surprised at her choices. Goes to show that not even the writer knows where their storyline will…

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  • Man oh man

    Big bombshell dropped at the end of the story today. Words were flowing fairly well and the story is too. It’s getting intense though. I’m curious to see what’s going to come from that big ol’ drop of information. Julian and Kat’s relationship will be tested at this point. Big time. But I think they’ll…

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  • Officially halfway through

    And I’m enjoying using the laptop on battery for the first time in a long time. I was gifted a new battery since mine had reached critical level from my lovely editor. Love her and I super duper appreciate it. Early birthday gift in many ways. My birthday is August 15th. First day so I…

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  • Quarter of the way in

    Quarter of the way in

    Finally got some sleep last night, though not much better than the previous. Though I could NOT fall asleep before freaking Midnight. I was wide awake, unable to sleep, and then my arm started bugging me, lol. Story is going very good. I’m a quarter of the way in. It’s time we’re going to get…

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  • Words are going strong again

    Words are going strong again

    Back in action [with my word count]. Actually I’m surprised I did so many. It really didn’t feel like it. Below I have some fun pictures I’ve been taking over the weekend, and a video of the baby junco who has been a joy to watch. He is just adorable and been enjoying the heat…

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  • Almost forgot

    Almost forgot

    This is why I do these before I edit. I almost forgot! lol I get so dang into the editing (or book cover making), then suddenly all day has passed by. Well, not that bad, but it can so easily get that bad. So not talkie about the story. But I did want to share…

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  • Verrick’s revenge

    Verrick’s revenge

    So in fact we find out that Verrick’s bite is . . . nasty. In my head I saw the after effects, but until I began to write, there was no guarantee on how it would turn out. Today we find out that we don’t want Verrick to bite us in his beastly form! It’s…

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  • Final read going well so far.

    Final read going well so far.

    Finished Mila’s blanket this afternoon. Here are some pictures of it. I’m currently washing it so she can use it tonight. The pictures don’t look as fluffy because it’s pre-wash. I ended up doing a simple shell border (made from 5 dc). I ended up with just over 12 inches left of that gray. Instead…

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  • Starting final read through of DITB – Extended Edition & online connections – some thoughts

    Starting final read through of DITB – Extended Edition & online connections – some thoughts

    In just a bit I will be doing a final read through of Dark Illusions: The Beginning – Extended Edition. Not too much to do but skim at this point since I don’t have anything really to change. It’s more of a double-check round to see if I have certain scenes the way I want…

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  • Oh, she got herself in trouble

    Oh, she got herself in trouble

    So admittedly he should’ve expected that reaction. One doesn’t prod a redhead for long and expect them to remain casual complacent beings, more so when they are known for having a temper and being protective of their mate. And even more when one knows who their parents are. But then Luke understood exactly what he…

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  • Just what lurks within?

    Kylarra is being poked, she is being prodded, and now the effects are taking place. The reaction Luke had the other day to one of her reactions was interesting. He seemed a bit . . . dare we say . . . scared? Whhyyyyy? Has he figured out what she’s becoming? Or did he possibly underestimate…

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