#everydaygratitude I am grateful for this. Cruz has become Amber’s bestie. He takes care of her when she has one of her hyperventilating attacks, and will seem to protect her by sitting by her like, “I’m here.” Our little gentleman.

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Looks too much like momma. (Lucy) She’s got this funky hair because she’s been playing in the pool! Been over 80 for almost two weeks, or just over that, so they get the kiddie pool filled to play in. Little cute curls on top. :p

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Homemade chicken almond stir fry. Broccoli, onion, cauliflower, celery, almonds, and chicken strips to go over rice. Would’ve added carrots, but we are out. Funny part is that when I start chopping celery, kitty comes over for some! Dakota needs to be told she’s supposed to prefer catnip. #catsarenuts #cooking

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Life is Like a Fireworks Display

A wise woman once told her son, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get”.  While this statement is true, as far as it goes, I see life as being more like a fireworks display…a professional, balls out, full tilt boogie pyrotechnic display of magnificence and glory thatContinue reading “Life is Like a Fireworks Display”

How can anyone hate #Wyoming? Beautiful! My mom likes watching the show #Longmire so I looked up information. Says that Buffalo, WY is the model for Longmire pretty much. New favorite place! One of my favorite states. Traveled it a lot when we’d go to ND.

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When I’ve been working for a while and just need a break, I will sometimes pick Kona up and hold him like you would a little kid, facing me. I like singing this softly to him and gently swaying because he’ll lay his face against my chest and go into his little comfort moment. Not sleeping, just enjoying. Sometimes he just needs a cuddle moment as much as I need a brain break from working. Sweetest thing.

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Beginning part of my gardens throughout the grass. This is the edge by one of the driveways. Included steps so that side of the grass can still be entered by the mower. Overturned grass, dumped some soil fixer on top to help even out. This is why I’m glad it’s raining, lol. Backbreaking work. Between stone papers is rocks I rounded up from yard, and then Irish moss I’m starting to provide solid cover over dirt and between pebbles. #gardening

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