Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Discovery of an Enchantress

Don’t mess with the Enchantress please

Bianca, now why would you give her attitude? I get it. Mila comes across as very gentle and sweet. Downright demure and mannerly. She is used to simply accepting people as they are, allowing things to go, and not fighting. But. You don’t underestimate and take the enchantress for granted. Because then this little seer is going […]

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Fury of a Queen Time of the Chosen

Verrick is smart and dumb all at once sometimes

Well that’s the truth! I love him, but he’s still ego-based and wanting to be all cocky about everything. Then he pushed his limits and went too far. Thinking he could grab the Queen as if having nearly a foot on her gave him leeway? Or being a Lycaen? Tut, tut, tut, Verrick. Julian has […]

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Fury of a Queen

Oooo we don’t get that close to what belongs to the King mister.

Mister Verrick learned what happens when one crosses a line with the King. It’s one thing to play around when the King is fully aware of what Verrick is doing. But then when he gets a tad too close to Kat, threatening her? It don’t matter if Julian was inside his office or not Verrick, […]

Time of the Chosen

The Culling Cycle cover reveal

The official cover for The Culling Cycle. A science fiction novel I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes. Secret is out! More information to follow. Stay tuned.