Story Creation Magic Series – thoughts

I’ve had this idea about helping people create their stories from the beginning, about coaching them along from start-to-finish. To figure out what works best for them and things of that nature. I’ve had it in the back of my head for a while. Then when I started to post my word count every day and really focus on sharing the process, I’ve received messages and comments about it. Some are the “you inspire me” posts, which always make my day and I’m extremely thankful for. Others that I’m equally grateful for are just the encouraging words that I get. I also receive those who ask about whether I’d consider a collaborative effort with another author/writer. Those I appreciate too, but will always end up as a “no” right now.

Then come the coaching and mentor comments. Now, for me this is nothing new. I think I’ve always had a teacher’s heart. It comes naturally and I have the patience for it. I used to teach people how to do HTML when they’d never done it before. Thank you MySpace! lol Since it’s that little niggling voice in the back of my head working and persisting regarding writing a story, I decided to just do it. Ridiculously, (shocking, I’m sure) my little perfectionist side always wants things perfectly in order, straightened up and prepared for, before I begin anything.

It works GREAT for my books. I get them as close to perfect as I can, then publish. And move on after.

BUT. If I wait for that, I’ll never have things perfect and I don’t know where best I serve. As in, where should I focus my effort, what subjects specifically, and the like, about story creation. That is where you come in.

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Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter – Chapter One


“What the hell do you mean Julian’s coming for you? Explain that. You did that disappearing act again. You were here . . . but not.” Sean’s gaze roamed her face. Kat tried to move away, but he wrapped both of his hands around her face and made her focus on him. “What. Happened?”

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