Well, they have met. Now what?

The featured image entertains me. That was last night. Mila decided to sit in front of me and tell me she wasn’t tired!  I didn’t know until after I clicked that the timing was perfect to closed eyes, haha. Her eyes kept drifting shut over and over again. Here it is again in case it doesn’t show […]

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Discovery of an Enchantress

An interesting challenge

1,052 words for the day. Had to update my writing tracker widget. Messes me up when I try to calculate my numbers and have to hunt down what I last wrote, lol. Stefan and Mila are traipsing through the countryside (hence pic on this post), discussing their plans. Sure ’nuff, starting on this route has […]

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Discovery of an Enchantress Fury of a Queen

That woman knows how to make an entrance

And an entrance she made. So we are really nearing the end of this book. I think what’s going to happen is I’ll end the book, then reverse time into the place where I left Mila and Stefan. Because they have to make their way to the King and Queen of the Awakened. There is […]

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe Fury of a Queen

Julian taking control

So at this point, Kat and Julian have zero choice on the matter. Kat needs to try to tap into Kylarra to find out what the hell is going on. Nobody seems to know anything about her, they don’t feel as if they have all the time in the world. There is one connection which […]

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Home stretch

Here’s a quickie update while I take a break for a minute from editing. I have to go get some more water. No, that’s not the update. I am on the home stretch here, and I’m thinking that next Friday, I should be sending off Don’t Go Far to meh editor. [happy dance with me] […]