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Editing helper

This is my editing helper. Looking from the computer monitor toward my lap. That purple pillow is technically for my back, but when Lucy comes in the room, it gets placed on my lap for her.


Sick pupper

 Yes, I wrapped him up in a blanket, and he is using a stuffed bear as a pillow. Also he may be on top of a pillow. 

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Something’s gooonnna happen

  Good word count today. I’m happy that I boosted myself back up. Last week wasn’t as fun in how many words I got. One of the drawbacks of writing about the word count every day, I end up letting my own mind get sucked into that realm of I have to hit a certain number […]

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Rambly Bambly time.

Working on Witness to the Moon this week.   What do I have to ramble about today? My brain is a mess because I’m trying to do a bunch of things at once. My mom asked if I’d make some homemade bread and banana bread. Now I couldn’t make the traditional banana bread that I personally make […]


Eet’s all white

Started to snow around noon here. We’ve been in the 40’s all week and it’s  been really cold and icy. I’m sure the snow may stick around because of the chill. The ice certainly hasn’t thawed all week. It’s interesting how as a child we are exuberant about seeing snow but now as an adult […]

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Friday cuteness

How about some Friday cuteness?

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Some Friday cuteness #shihtzu #Kendra

Isn’t she cute? I can’t stop messing with her. I refreshed Kendra’s puppy cut two days ago and now she’s due for a bath ’cause this girl grrrriiiimy. Stubborn didn’t want me taking a photo of her. Next month she is turning 6 yrs old on the 17th.

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He is a full-time job #dog

I am of course talking about Cruz, one of our Shih Tzus. He was neutered last Monday, which means restrict activity for one week. Well, this boy didn’t earn the nickname Energizer Bunny for nothing. And now he has this thing where he does his best to avoid using the bathroom. Why, you ask? Because […]