What is a particle?

In Cessastion, there is a bit of information regarding the laboratory Cody works in. Within that lab is a new microscope which is to be a futuristic version of the ones we have.

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Multiple POV

Switching viewpoints today. I wasn’t thinking I would end up writing from another POV in this book, but today it turned out that way. Then while I was writing today, I had the idea pop into my head that I may end up crisscrossing many different POV’s from here on out. The ones in the story, but […]

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A’nosi Prime

A’nosi Prime flyer featured in Daughter of the Red Planet. Haley comes across this flyer long since faded. Feel free to save and share. Print, use as wallpaper.

Blood By Night

Brain workings – synapses and neurons

I was writing some new information into the ending of Blood By Night last night. I thought I would share a link that I found that talks about what I was writing. In the end of the book it’s referring to the brain’s ability to renew itself. In the book and the part that I […]

On-Writing Writing Journal

How the muse works

How the muse works – I am completely in awe of how our brains are able to perform amazing feats that we don’t even know we can? Until it’s been done.

What I'm Reading

Book Review – Michael Crichton – Micro

  I am, and have always been, a huge fan of Michael Crichton. I didn’t know that I had one of his books in my stash that I hadn’t read – from my brother’s stash that I confiscated. I couldn’t get into my last book that I tried to read, so I grabbed this one, […]