History – real or made up to suit an agenda

We are about to take a ride into the unknown. Into the abyss of that which is my mind. Please keep appendages inside the train. And if you enjoy the snacks, please pass on to another who may enjoy. Leave a comment, let me know if you like the dark!

Next book and schedule – community subscriptions!

Few things to cover. My new schedule for how I'll be posting, where to find me active, and that sort of thing. The new book I'm working on is linked at the bottom. I've been doing a lot of thinking on where my energy is placed. When I last sent out my newsletter, I asked …

Uber behind with blogging

Much of it is feeling a lack within. We haven’t given ourselves enough self love that when we need to find it to soothe, there’s nothing there to grab from.

Insane day

From the moment I got out of bed my dogs have been nutcases. No kidding. I sit down and get up ten minutes later. I sit down. Then get up fifteen minutes later. It was a constant this morning. No real reason for it, either. My Doberman was walking around whining this afternoon while I …

I really need coffee

I'm low on coffee and can't get any until next month. So I've been only having a morning cup and lemme tell ya. I've noticed a difference. It's 2 pm and I'm tiiiirrreeddddd, lol. Been getting my daily workout in again, waking early, so by noon, I need a little boost in energy. Coffee works …

Just a word count post today

Been super busy and have my hands full. Editing is all I have time for.       Today's numbers for Savage Lands. Started with - 25,554 words Ended with - 26,609 words Total words written today - 1,055      

So close!

I'm veering off where the outline had led me. This is why I like the plot outline method that Holly Lisle lays out. It's the one I followed for this novel, and the "outline," I did. I didn't have all the scenes planned out, I wasn't stuck in a, "this will happen now," and from …