Blood By Night

Blood By Night – Chapter One

One “I refuse to marry him.” Pacing in front of her father’s desk with her hands on her hips, Kylarra suppressed the growl working its way up. Her aggravation was as clear as day. The dark interior of Viktor’s office grew darker with her mood. Normally it was a place of comfort. Today, anything but. […]

Don't Go Far

Don’t Go Far – Chapter One

Mina Nichols sprinted across the sodden field, hoping to get back to her family’s modest home sooner, rather than later. Her shoes sunk into the muddy sludge attempting to pass for a meadow, hampering her progress.


Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter Extended Teaser

Here is an extended preview of Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter for you guys. This is the excerpt/preview that is found in the back of the Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter.   Julian cleared his throat and Kat twitched. Maybe more than she should have. Her attention leapt to him. Around her his aura spun […]