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Tag: post apocalypse

  • One more paperback down

    Over the weekend I have been working on getting the Savage Lands paperback down, and then back up. For those new, I was already planning on pulling all my paperbacks from Amazon and moving them to Lulu. (You’ll still find them for sale on Amazon after the switch, it’s just Lulu will handle the sales […]

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  • Home repair girl

    For almost the past week I’ve been working on our washer. Last week when I was doing laundry it began to make a noise during the spin cycle. Did a few more loads, and then noticed that stuff was still pretty damp. So I tested and noticed that the spin doesn’t spin. Water drains, washer […]

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  • Getting set to update site

    Okay, I was able to get my domain switched over to a new provider yesterday so that’s one big thing down. Did it to save moolah is all. I have nothing ill to say about GoDaddy save for the domain prices were going up every year, and I can’t afford such a cost. I debated […]

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  • Know what I found

    I found my Secrets Below Gargoyle Cavern ediiiitttsss. Pretty sure it was on here that I mentioned I may have lost them. Hoped I didn’t lose them, but wasn’t sure. I cleaned out my drawer where I stash my laptop, and that’s where I was also keeping my stories to edit, and where more got […]

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